Ruffly scarf

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and i’d said that i wanted to post while on vacation… i really did, but it ended up being more complicated than i’d expected. then i thought: right away when i get back home. well, that didn’t quite work out either. i tell you, taking intercontinental trips with two kids and without another adult to help you is exhausting. (and even more when those kind folks at air france don’t let you bring your stroller in the airports…) anyway, here i am, back again! (for those of you reading the english: what do you think of this new color? i was told that the previous orange text, for how much it matched my current template, didn’t show up well.)

so, back to business. remember this beginning of a scarf i was working on with mondial volant yarn? (with my… um… “helper” then of 11 months) i found this yarn much more complicated to work than the farfalla one used in the other scarves because you have to stick a pretty big needle inside pretty small holes. then the edges of the yarn curve inwards. it took me quite a while to finish it.

but finish it i did at the knit caffè group that i started going to in naples. in june, with everyone asking me how i could work on a scarf in that heat. but i had to finish it before leaving for the united states because it was a gift for my mother, who i only see once a year!

and she was very happy with it, in part because of the color (i was sure she’d like it when i picked it out!). of course, it wasn’t fantastic wearing it during summer’s heat, but i had to model it when i’d finished it.

you might notice that, in the photos of me modelling something, i’m often looking downwards. usually it’s because i’m watching the little guy who’s protesting to be picked up or is otherwise complaining or making some disaster. sometimes i give in….

he’s grown a bit since the start of the scarf, right? here he was almost 18 months and had a nice goose egg on his forehead. and here he is another (earlier, judging from the long sleeves) day, helping me with my photographic set. what is little kids’ fascination for pots and pans?!

8 thoughts on “Ruffly scarf”

  1. La sig da cui l'ho comprata mi aveva suggerito di stirarla prima di usarla,tutto il gomitolo.Ne ho fatta una con quel metodo e devo dire che il lavoro era nettamente più scorrevole.
    Com'è cresciuto il tuo bimbo…anche con il bernoccolo è bello.
    Ciao Leti

  2. credimi anch'io sono allergica al ferro, ma a stirare il gomitolo ci ho messo un attimo e fare la sciarpa è stato più veloce, io ne ho fatte tre e ho ancora un paio di gomitoli che conto di lavorare per regalare le sciarpe per Natale, ciao Leti


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