Orange liquor x 2

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one of the nice things about living in southern italy? every so often our friends give us massive quantities of citrus fruits that we don’t know what to do with. so quite often i end up making liquor or marmalade. for example, with lemons i make limoncello and lemon ginger marmalade. this year we were buried with oranges. and i couldn’t squeeze fresh orange juice anymore because it started bothering my stomach. so the first thing to do with them was to make arancello! (orange liquor)

i had my in-laws’ recipe, but i my curiosity was piqued by this arancello recipe with added spices. i was also intrigued by the face that it called not for a syrup made after infusing the peels in alcohol, but mixing everything together at the beginning, but i was too worried about ruining it all. then i always change recipes because i hate liquors and marmalades that are too sweet. so i did it my way. two times, my way, but different ways.

the first time i washed the organic fruit well and, with a potato peeler (you don’t want the white part under the external peel), i peeled 8 oranges and 4 lemons (super fresh, just picked). i soaked the peels, 2 pieces of cinnamon, 4 bay leaves and 4 cloves in 1 liter of alcohol in a hermetically sealed jar in the dark for 2 – 3 weeks. when this time was up, i made a syrup boiling 700 grams of sugar in 1 liter of water for 15 minutes. when it was cooled, i filtered the alcohol with some gauze in a funnel into the syrup and put it all back into the hermetically sealed jars in the dark. after another 5 days, i refiltered it into bottles. it needs to stand a bit, at least a couple of months, but the longer it stands, the yummier it gets. (we’re now finishing up a bottle of limoncello that i’d made in 2006 which i’d forgotten about and it’s fantastic… much better than the one i made in 2010.)

see what a gorgeous color the liquor is? just… it’s strong. i mean, really really strong. i’m sure many people would like it, but it’s not quite to my liking.

so the second time i used the same procedure, but with different quantities. this time there were the peels of 12 oranges and 4 lemons, 2 pieces of cinnamon, 2 bay leaves, 2 cloves in a liter of alcohol in the dark for 2 – 3 weeks. then the syrup made with 1100 grams of sugar and 1.5 liters of water.

this version is much cloudier and has more residue (as you can see in the photo with mount vesuvius in the background), but it clears up with time. and the flavor is amazing, already after just the first 5 days when i bottled it. good thing i made quite a bit… i think i’ll be giving some of this liquor away for gifts!

to make arancello, you just use the peels of the fruit. after filtering, i put them in a little container to let out their lovely scent in our otherwise stinky home. they dry up pretty quickly, but i like them anyway.

and the rest of the fruit left over? orange marmalade, of course! but that will be for the next time….

17 thoughts on “Orange liquor x 2”

  1. buonooooooooooooo qui le arance le abbiamo tutto l'anno:) io sto un pò più a sud:))) lo farò da offrire, dici che è molto forte, questa estate!

  2. infatti, mi sono resa conto di pubblicare una ricetta un po' fuori stagione… opps! il prossimo post sarà le marmellate di arance, quindi tienimi d'occhio! 🙂

  3. forse non mi sono spiegata bene. la prima versione è molto forte, ma la seconda versione è più normale, ma non super dolce. ma mi sa che allungare quello forte in estate è un'ottima idea!! grazie!

  4. Che meraviglia, solo il colore che hanno le due bottiglie è già tutto un dire! Appena possibile, mi ricorderò di queste dritte, mi piace l'aggiunta anche dell'alloro insieme agli altri aromi. Bravissima!!!
    A presto

  5. infatti, anche se la prima versione che ho fatto non mi ha fatto impazzire, il colore è troppo bello! la seconda versione è meno fotogenica ma molto più buono! sì, ho avuto altri arancelli, ma mai con questi aromi, che lo danno un tocco davvero speciale.

  6. dai, abiti a napoli? ci abitavo per 6 anni, ma ora sto in provincia, a ridosso di monte somma. sul serio, io la trapiantata a napoli conosco l'arancello e tu la napoletana no?! mi sa che devi rimediare subito!! 😉

  7. sì, infatti non sopporto più il limoncello perché si usa tanto ed è di solito troppo dolce per i miei gusti. questo arancello è decisamente un'alternativa più che valida!

  8. Ciao cara!!

    GRAZIE del commento…ed eccomi a te!

    UAO…quando non sai come utilizzare cotanta bontà…ti dò il mio "addresse"! ;o)

    OTTIMO…e molto belle anche le foto. SOLARI!!! Baciotto. NI ;o)

  9. Le tue ricette per farsi in casa dei prodotti naturali mi incuriosiscono molto,non ho mai provato ma prima o poi mi cimenterò anche in questo!
    chissà che buona la marmellata di arance!

  10. spero di riuscire a scrivere il post per la marmellata per domani! l'ho fatto 4 volte in versioni diverse! fammi sapere se ti metti a fare qualche prova dei prodotti!

  11. I just made my second batch of Limoncello (Giada deLurendiis’ recipe from the Food Network() and it turned out really smooth this year. Last year it was a little bitter, but we drank it anyway. I’m excited to try your recipes using the oranges, but my sister’s organic oranges aren’t ready until around Christmas. I have some frozen peel in the freezer, but I doubt it will be enough. Thanks again.

    • Hi Rosemary, No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use frozen peel for making liquor because they’ll probably have lost some of their natural aroma. Best to use fruit that’s as fresh as possible!


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