And again with the legwarmers

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i loved my legwarmers made from an old sweater (idea from this tutorial) so much that i just couldn’t resist making another pair. and i’m afraid that i want to make more, too, they’re so easy to make and so comfy.

same procedure. from the old sweater (which i didn’t wear anymore because it’s out of despicable acrylic, yuck!)…

…with a double line of stitching to avoid excessive fraying…

…and there we have them! sure, they don’t really go very well with this outfit, but who cares? they’re so comfortable and warm!

i had some issues taking photos. my husband wasn’t home so i took them myself, except it was a bit complicated with all the mess in our place (no free walls for background) and the little guy who insisted on being in the pictures too!

18 thoughts on “And again with the legwarmers”

  1. e dalle foto traspare una casa piena d'amore! 🙂 gli scaldamuscoli, per me, stanno benissimo sotto quella very fashion gonna, il muro bianco, disegnato dai tuoi bambini è fantastico! ricordo quando il mio piccolo disegnava elicotteri dappertutto, solo a casa dei nonni però, O.o, da noi i muri sono già colorati ;P baciiii

  2. @rac: o se no, una casa piena di spostati! la maggior parte delle persone pensano che noi siamo matti per permetterli a disegnare sulle pareti, ma a noi sembra bellissimo! poi ora si vede tanto come si è sviluppato sofia dai disegni negli anni, sempre esposti e rielaborati!

    @katia: grazie! lo so che anche tu aprezzi il riciclato/recuperato!

    @elly: benvenuta! e grazie!

    @lo: grazie, cara! questi scaldamuscoli sono semplicissimi da fare, ma si possono fare ancora più semplici solo tagliando le maniche lunghe di un maglione e cucendo i bordi per non farli sfilacciarsi. dai, prova! sono meravigliosi! 🙂

  3. I can see why you think you'll be making more — these are so nice! And i'm surprised you say they didn't go with your outfit — I was thinking how nice(ly eclectic) it all looked together. : ) And then I noticed there are even some flowers on the skirt that are the same color red as the warmers.

    By the way, LOVE the skirt too.

  4. @karin, kathrin and maya: thank you! i was actually writing that the skirt was a hand-me-down from my sister (she got too skinny to wear it, poor her!), but figured that was more info than i really needed to give. and she wrote right away to me about having seen it in the post! guess i should've given her credit after all!

    yes, i know the color does match. i meant more that the legwarmers are a bit too sporty and chunky for the skirt or at least for the shoes. but i guess not! 🙂


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