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these days i have precious little time to spend on my own things, even if they’re christmas gifts. luckily i’ve found a way to snatch a bit of time to knit. when i go out in the morning with the little guy, he almost always falls asleep in the stroller. seeing as we live on the 3rd (or 4th, depending how you count it) floor without an elevator, i can’t bring him in still sleeping in the stroller, he always wakes up when i take him out and he never falls back asleep. so i’ve started bringing my knitting needles with me so i can stay outside in our courtyard to sit in the sun and knit while he continues to sleep away. i can’t work on anything complicated because i’m not very proficient in knitting and i always need to consult books for more tricky things.

so i decided to try some of the nifty novelty yarn that the shop near my home now sells. i started with the one called “farfalla,” or butterfly. basically you just knit by inserting the needles in the holes in the top row and the rest flows down into the ruffle. at first it was pretty complicated and time-consuming for me, but pretty soon i got used to it and managed to work quickly.

the instructions say to work every other hole. i didn’t really like this way, though, because you can see the stiches that are supposed to be hidden behind the ruffles and the ruffles are too floppy for my taste.

knitting every single hole, on the other hand, gives an end result that i much prefer. (i don’t know what happened to the color in this picture. i’m still learning how to use the new camera properly!)

so, here’s the scarf made with two skeins of mondial “farfalla” yarn, color # 329, knitted every other hole, casting on 10 stitches on 8 mm needles.

then i made two with 2 1/2 skeins each of “big butterfly” yarn from the brand bbb filati (it’s exactly the same as the mondial brand one), color # 868, knit every hole, casting on 12 stitches on 8 mm needles.

look, it’s our new camera! hmmm, perhaps i need to clean that mirror a little better. so after three scarves i decided to change yarn because i was getting a bit sick of that type. now i’m working with mondial brand volant yarn. i’ve only done a few rows so far, so it’s still very slow going. we’ll see how it goes!

have a good weekend!

8 thoughts on “Gift scarves”

  1. Bellissimi questi filati! Soprattutto quello viola/azzurro, mi piace molto l'accostamento delle diverse sfumature.
    Finora li avevo visti sono nella vetrina della merceria vicino a casa, ma visti i risultati potrei prenderli in considerazione anch'io per qualche regalo di Natale!

  2. @roby: devo precisare. quel filato è solo sulle sfumature di viola/lilla. non so perché i colori sono venuti così strani in quella foto. si vede meglio nella foto in cui la indosso. fammi vedere se ci provi anche tu!

    @potchvarki: grazie! ora vado a vedere il tuo! 🙂

  3. Ciao! Ti leggo da molto ma commento solo adesso…mi complimento per questo blog e per tutte le idee carine che condividi, anche a me piace il riciclo creativo e tu mi dai sempre ottimi spunti! Baci, a presto, V.

  4. ciao moto, grazie per aver commentato! mi fa piacere sentirti e vado a guardare anche il tuo blog. anzi, l'ho appena guardato un attimo, ma devo mettere il piccolo a letto quindi dovrò tornarci dopo. a dopo, allora! 😉

    thanks maya! i was thinking of keeping one of the purple ones for me, but i already have so many scarves as it is…and my excuse for making them was to give away!

  5. Wow, I had no idea there was yarn like this. very cool — love the scarves!

    (and am jealous you can sit in the sun in a courtyard. right now by us, it's too cold to be outside, but too warm for the grey rain to be fluffy snow)

  6. thanks, karin! and yes, the weather is definitely a perk to living in southern italy. i'm from the boston area, so i appreciate it for sure, especially when they're having blizzards and hurricanes back there!


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