DIY coat rack with knobs

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i’ve had this pair of cute knobs for 3 years and i always knew that i wanted to make my daughter a little coat rack with them, but seeing as i’m a bit useless with a saw, i kept on putting it off…and off…and off…and finally this week i made it!

despite my fears of sawing the wood down to the right size, this project is really easy and i’m pretty sure that every family needs more space to hang up their kids’ coats, scarves, bags, etc. these nice little knobs are from my friend’s mother’s business, but you can just get some unfinished wood ones and paint them yourself or use antique or other interesting ones that you have lying around.

you need to get a piece of wood that isn’t too wide and drill a hole for each knob that you’ll be putting on it. then paint the wood, screw on the knobs from the back side of the wood, and there you have it!

i’m sure the most intelligent way to hang it up would be with fischers, but seeing as we’ll probably be changing around the furniture soon with the arrival of the “big girl bed,” i didn’t really feel like making any extra big holes in the walls. so i just used those things that you attach to the back of frames to hang them up. and that works just fine!

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