I don’t want to buy any more gifts!

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even though i was sick in the holiday period, i tried to make as many gifts as possible by hand. i’m sick of buying stuff in stores. do we really have to be such consumers? enough is enough!

first of all i made a hooded bunny towel for my little girl. it actually was supposed to be an easter gift (i started it months and months ago) and then it ended up laying around in pieces all this time. i copied an l.l.bean frog hooded towel that my mother had given to her a couple of years ago. it’s a rectangle of terry cloth with paws at the corners and a hood with long ears, a little nose and button eyes.

i also made some pillows with 100% upcycled materials (there’s a tutorial here). the

one on the right was my husband’s shirt which was still in great condition except for a destroyed collar. it was a shame to just throw it away. the one on the left was a very used (and loved) fleece sweater of my husband’s. i actually made it for someone else, but i realized when it was done that it was a bit too used to give away, so we kept it for ourselves. and i found out that fleece makes a wonderful pillow cover! i love to hug it…it feels like i’m hugging my hubby!

the inner pillows are made of old tshirts filled with scraps of fabric left over from my sewing adventures. this one cracks me up, it looks like my husband’s chest, with his t-shirt inside his fleece! then i also made pajama pants for my daughter from the fleece sleeves, but i’ll have to write about that adventure another day.

seeing as i was sick, i did everything really rushed and i wasn’t able to take pictures of everything before giving them away. for example, i made a whole bunch of 100% upcycled potholders (old jeans and my mother-in-law’s old dress) for a couple of relatives and my daughter’s three teachers. my sister- and mother-in-law recognized the dress material right away and had a good laugh at it. i used the tutorial that i wrote quite a few months back because i couldn’t remember what dimensions to use, and… whoops! i realized that i’d written them down wrong! i corrected it in the original post, but i hope that nobody actually did it as i wrote it…sorry about that! 🙂

6 thoughts on “I don’t want to buy any more gifts!”

  1. Condivido la tua filosofia, anch'io quest'anno ho regalato alcuni miei lavori, spero abbiano apprezzato, perchè per me è stato un piacere crearli.
    Bellissimo idea l'asciugamano col cappuccio, da rubare subito l'idea!
    buon w.e.

  2. infatti, c'è sempre il rischio che chi riceve non si rende conto che si tratta di una cosa fatta a mano con tanto amore. credo che molte persone pensano che lo faccio solo per risparmiare i soldi, ma se consideri il tempo (e il cuore) per fare un regalo a mano, vale molto di più! quindi, continuiamo a farlo ancora, giuliana! 🙂

  3. approvo in pieno, meglio handmade che comprati!!! quest'anno ho sfornato regali a maglia e mi sono ritrovata a sferruzzare a tutte le ore, però che soddisfazione…
    bellissimo l'asciugamano-coniglio e ottima idea x i cuscini!!

    baci eli

  4. Ciao piacere di conoscerti mi chiamo Maria e ho scoperto il tuo blog per caso. Wow mi piace molto!!! Brava!! Anch'io per natale ho deciso di "preparare con le mie manine" i regalini, ho imparato da poco a cucire. Un baciotto grande!!


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