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i’d never thought about polluting with internet or search engines. then i saw one of my facebook friends had posted a link to ecosia. every search made on this search engine saves about 2 square meters of rainforest. how does it work? i’ll let them tell you about it directly:

We earn money from clicks on the sponsored links, which are displayed next to the generic search results. Each click on one of these sponsored links generates a few cents of revenue for us. About two percent of the search requests end up with a click on a sponsored link.
The exact amount we earn depends a lot on the country. Searches from the United States generated a lot more revenue than searches in markets with less developed online advertising markets like India or Brazil. On international average we currently earn 0.13 Euro Cent per search.
We donate at least 80 percent of this money to rainforest protection project run by the WWF. The project is located in the Juruena national park. It costs only 5 Euro to protect an entire hectare of rainforest there. So based on our average earnings per search, we can save about two square meters for each search you do.

there’s a video that explains how it works very clearly. you can use it as a regular search engine or install the firefox add-on which lets you see not only how many square meters you’ve saved , but also how many have been saved by everyone. i installed it right away, you should too!


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  1. ottima scelta qualla di condividere questa bella idea nel tuo blog… l'ho fatto anch'io e sono contenta che qualcuno abbia fatto la stessa cosa! Passami a trovare 😉

  2. laura, ti ho già ringraziato sul tuo blog, ma lo faccio di nuovo! grazie 🙂

    robs, sono passata da te, e ho cercato di lasciarti un commento, ma lo sai che ce l'hai messo in modo che solo i membri del tuo blog possono lasciare i commenti? ti consiglio di permetterlo a tutti, se vorresti i commenti (che vogliamo tutti quanti!!). e grazie anche a te per esserti passata qui!


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