Seitan with jerusalem artichokes and bulgur: recipe

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i realize that recently i’ve only been writing about my work things and my products for sale. i’ve been quite busy, but i’d like to quickly write about something absolutely marvelous that i discovered at the market last week: jerusalem artichokes (or topinambur). if you do a google, you’ll find that this tuber is full of wonderful things for you and if you try it, you’ll find it’s super yummy! raw it’s sort of like a mix between a carrot and a potato, but it’s just fabulous cooked. at the market i tried it fried, and it was so sweet and soft! at home i prepared it another way that was really good, with seitan:

Seitan with topinambur and bulgur
  1. wash the topinambur with a veggie brush. then grate it.
  2. saute a crushed clove of garlic in extra virgin olive oil in a large frying pan. then add the grated topinambur. continue sauteeing until the topinambur becomes softer and sweet.
  3. start cooking the bulgur. heat up water (1 or 1.5 times the volume of bulgur) in a little pot with a bit of salt. when it boils, add the bulgur and a bit of olive oil and lower the heat to simmer. let it cook 2 or 3 minutes and then turn off the heat, leaving it covered so it can continue cooking.
  4. cut the seitan into little pieces and add to the topinambur. saute everything until the seitan starts getting a little crunchy outside. add a little salt or soy sauce, but not too much, while it cooks another couple of minutes.
  5. mix everything and eat with great joy!

sorry that i don’t have any pictures, but it’s a really healthy and delicious meal. try it!

**UPDATE** two things to add more than 2 years later: first, now when i cook seitan or tofu, i first saute it alone in the pan, then i take it out and cook the veggies in the pan, and when they’re almost done, i add the seitan/tofu. for me it gets cooked better that way. and second: topinambur, despite its yumminess, can make you very gassy! my poor hubby has prohibited me from ever buying it again!

last revision: 16 march 2012

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