All about cloth nursing pads

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Why use cloth nursing pads?

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do to give your child a head start in life. Nobody denies that nursing is the healthiest thing for your newborn, is cheaper and more ecological than formula, creates a strong bond between mother and child and helps the mother lose pregnancy weight faster, not to mention prolongs her break from her menstrual cycle. So why would any nursing mother choose to use disposable nursing pads, with their bleached paper and plastic, to soak up the extra milk that seeps out? Why would you choose to keep a chemical product in contact with the same nipple that your infant feeds from?

Cloth nursing pads are a totally natural alternative with no synthetic materials. This means that there is more breathability, so no dry, chapped nipples or infections from bacteria growth. They are soft and comfortable, unlike crinkly disposables. They are better for the environment because they don’t need to be produced and thrown out over and over again. They can be used over and over again, for multiple babies, and when their lifespan is over, the fabric can be recycled. Nothing to be thrown into a landfill, not even packaging!

What are cucicucicoo nursing pads like?

Not only are cucicucicoo nursing pads the healthiest choice for you, your baby and the environment, they are super absorbent and fun to use! Each pad has a 5 inch (12 cm) diameter and a slight cone shape to better fit the breast. There is a special inner core for extra absorbency at the nipple without making bulky edges that can be seen through clothes.

The classic cucicucicoo nursing pad is made with plain white cotton flannel on the exterior part of the cone (1), cotton terry inner core and colorful printed cotton flannel on the interior part of the cone (2). The organic bamboo cucicucicoo nursing pad has white organic bamboo/cotton velour on the exterior cone, organic hemp/cotton fleece inner core and either white or colored organic bamboo/cotton velour on the interior cone. Nursing pads come in sets of three pairs.

How do you take care of cucicucicoo nursing pads?

Couldn’t be easier! To use, slip one inside each side of the bra. When they get wet, just dump them in with the rest of the laundry. They can be washed in warm water (up to 60°C) and either line or machine dried. Alternatively, they can be simply well-rinsed between use, though it is recommended to wash with soap or detergent every so often to avoid smelling like sour milk. If pads do start smelling, just pour a bit of white vinegar in each and machine wash. The vinegar eliminates smells (including its own) during the wash. Do not use fabric softener, which reduces the fabric’s absorbency. As with all cucicucicoo products, it is suggested that you wash them prior to use.

When out and about, bring a size small wet bag to put used nursing pads into.

Please note that, as with any type of nursing pad, whether cloth or disposable, it is advisable to change it when it gets damp to avoid the growth of bacteria or nipple infection.

For information on where to find cucicucicoo products, look here.


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