November 8: market!

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on november 8 i will participate in the ragnatela*autoproduzioni market at giardino dell’orco on lake avernus, pozzuoli (NA). this market sells organic food and other products, all of which are auto-produced, and is held every month. however this month is special, being ragnatela’s first birthday, and there will also be the presentation of the book “vite contadine” (12:00) and the show “storie di asini, storie di uomini” (3:00 pm). the market itself is held from 10:00 am til sunset. you can also buy using solidarity based local money SCEC. if you’re on facebook, check out the event.

i will be there with my cloth hygienic products on sale (all-in-one and pocket diapers, all types of menstrual pads, baby wipes, nursing pads, wet bags, and more) and cookies to nibble. and even better, there will be a special offer: buy 5 pads, the 6th (of the same or lower price) is free!

there are lots of sellers with delicious and beautiful products. don’t miss out!

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