Homemade mint syrup

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So I’ve already written about the wonderful elderflower syrup I made a few weeks back, which you dilute for a lovely summer drink. And I thought, there MUST be some way to make homemade mint syrup, like the ones you find in every Italian supermarket when it starts getting summery. I have a wonderful mint plant on my balcony that supplies me with more mint than I can ever possibly use. I googled it and found a good recipe on a great blog that I’d never seen before. Basically boil 1 liter of water with 100 grams of fresh mint leaves and 450 grams of sugar until it’s reduced by half. Let it cool and put it in a bottle, straining the leaves. You can put a few extra fresh leaves in the bottle, but I find them annoying when I’m pouring the syrup. I actually made mine with only about 75 grams of mint leaves because it already seemed like an insane amount. But it really does need the whole 100 grams and after just a minute or so they wilt down so they don’t fill the pot anymore.

Yes, I do realize that it’s been raining constantly and is once again quite chilly and nobody’s in the mood these days to drink a refreshing drink. But let’s all hope that the good weather comes back soon!

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