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I’ve always loved crafts and bit by bit have added more crafty things to my repertoire. People don’t always get the chace to see my work, though, which is why I’ve decided to start a blog to share my journey through the stuff I do. It’s a terrible shame that crafts and do-it-yourself is not at all widespread here in Italy, which is why I’ve decided to write this blog in two languages, to help diffuse the joy. There isn’t even a good word in Italian for “craft,” go figure. The closest I can come to is “artigiano,” but that’s really more of a professional level, not for someone just hving fun. Maybe someone out there can give me a hand with that translation. If you’re a fellow Italian speaker and want to laugh at my shoddy Italian writing (I am a translator, but only from Italian to English because my Italian’s obviously not perfect!) , you can click on the link to this blog in Italian at the top of the page.

I sell my hand-made mamma and baby articles, such as cloth diapers, baby wipes, nursing pads, bibs, changing mats, wet bags, menstrual pads and other similar stuff. There are also other goodies, like reusable and washable produce and shopping bags. Hopefully I’ll soon figure out how this blogging thing works and can put up some pictures and information about them.

Please keep checking back here for lots of fun and excitement (or something like that….)!!

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