Cucicucicoo Recommends: Best Sewing Supplies

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Want recommendations for the best sewing supplies? This extensive list suggests the most useful notions, fabrics, machines and books for your sewing habit!

I get emails nearly every day from readers who want recommendations on sewing machines, notions, fabric and books, so I decided to make up a list of the best sewing supplies, ones that I have and use regularly, and why I think they’re so great!

Click on each of the following categories to go find out more about them:

Choosing your first sewing machine

The best sewing tools for happy sewing

Where to find great fabric (coming soon!)

Cool and useful sewing books (coming soon!)

Learn to Machine Sew with Cucicucicoo: a free sewing course for beginners

And if you’re a beginner sewer or even a more experienced one who wants to brush up on some specific skills and techniques, don’t forget to check out my FREE Learn to Machine Sew course!

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