Kreativ and Eppela supporters

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Kreativ - La maglietta rinata
All fair images are from OrloSubito’s Instagram.

Thank you everyone for your moral and financial support in getting Sandra and me to the Kreativ fair in Bozano this past weekend! It was a really interesting experience, although I unfortunately ended up getting some sort of stomach bug or something, which was exacerbated by the sheer exhaustion of weeks (months…) of intensive preparation, and I had to skip out a little early. However, I learned so much about how a fair works and what sort of products and services to offer, and I’ve gotten a really good idea of what I want to work towards in the future. So really and truly: thank you!

Kreativ - La maglietta rinata

The following is a list of supporters of our Eppela crowdfunding event. Some of them are very talented individuals with websites of their own, so I highly recommend that you click through to visit them!

Katie from Kate Rose Photography

Jeremy Bircher

Maurizio Adami

Carolina Toro

Marianna from I Sew So I Don’t Kill People (or on IG)

Elisa from Make It Land

Silvia from Sewing Princess


Elisa from Esosauro







Mariangela from Mani Creative


Marco and Federica

Lorenza from Gooday

Marina from Sogni e Coccole


Angiola from Le Creazioni di Mammangi

Anna from Tulimami

Erika from Pretty in Mad


Irene from Serger Pepper


Kreativ - La maglietta rinata

Thank you again to all of our Eppela supporters and to everyone else who helped us and wished us luck in any way, shape or form! I will be back in a couple of days with a very helpful tutorial for making sewing patterns fit your body shape!

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  1. Hi Lisa! I hope you are feeling better! I am so sorry that you had to leave the fair early after all of your beautiful hard work. The pictures were were beautiful, I wish I was there!!! Thank you for the links to other great crafters. Hopefully this will help me with my learning Italian!!! Thank you again for your great website. Chris Cortese


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