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Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

I recently had the fun time of participating in a sew-along of my friend Irene’s (from Serger Pepper) newest pattern, the Everyday Tank Top and Dress*. This pattern (which you can now get at with a 40% discount or even for free! Read down at the bottom of this post for details!) is really so much fun because you can really customize it a lot!

There are three different lengths: Top, Midi dress and Maxi dress. Even though most testers and sew-along-ists made girl versions, you can very well make boy versions of the top, too. You can use new jersey fabric yardage or, if making a smaller size, upcycle used t-shirts for fabric. And, while this seems most obviously a summer pattern, you can layer the tank over longer sleeves or even make it out of warmer fabric, such as fleece. I’m actually considering making my boy one from an upcycled sweater to layer as a vest over long sleeves, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

What I did was make a midi-dress for my daughter and a regular top for my son, both using old t-shirts and just a little bit of fabric scraps for the dress’s bindings. And the kids just love their fun new clothes! Those contrasting side panels add such a wonderful pop of color to these shirts!

Something I love about sewing clothing from patterns is that you can customize the sizing. This is fantastic for me because my kids are both very thin, especially my daughter. The biggest problem is with pants because the waists for their sizes are always too wide and by the time they have gotten big enough for their pants to not fall off of them, they’re way too short. But when sewing from a multi-sized pattern, you can choose the right size based on a size chart and then mix-and-match different sizes to get the perfect fit. So my 8-year-old daughter was actually a size 5 for this pattern, although her height would’ve been more for size 7 or 8. So I cut out the midi-dress pattern for size 5, leaving the length as it was (too short for a dress) and ended up with an adorable tunic! (To get the right length, I could’ve pulled the sides of each down to the size 7 or 8 length, but I didn’t do that.)

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

Here you can see the fabric I used for my daughter’s dress. I wanted it to match her Serger Pepper leggings (pattern available here*), so I used some scraps of the same fabric for the neck and arm bindings. Then I used two hand-me-down men’s XL t-shirts for the remaining fabric.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

For my son’s shirt, I used the same black t-shirt for the main fabric and for the side panels and bindings the sleeves left over from the red shirt I used for his Serger Pepper-inspired pajamas from t-shirts.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

So adorable! And creating new clothing from cast-offs is always so rewarding! As you can see, the dress is on the short side because I didn’t make the pattern pieces longer, but that’s fine with us because it’s great for layering or trips to the beach. Nicky’s shirt also fits great, although next time I might use the next size up to make it less form-fitting for a boy.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

Oh, and another fantastic thing about this pattern? Pockets!!

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

I hate being without pockets, and I know a lot of people feel the same. The Everyday Tank pattern gives you the option to add in-seam pockets for the midi- or maxi-dress versions, so I made sure to add them to Sofia’s dress/tunic. (By the way, you can see in this picture that I didn’t actually hem the dress because it was already a bit on the short side. So I just overlocked the edges to finish them off more cleanly without sacrificing more length.)

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

Sofia constantly has her hands in her pockets when she wears this dress!

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

In case you’re wondering, this is how I fit the pattern pieces of the dress onto the t-shirts. Alas, it hadn’t occurred to me to use the original t-shirt hems for the bottom of my dress, but that would’ve been the most intelligent way to make the skirt.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

And this is how I fit the boy’s top pattern pieces on.

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

And after a bit of easy sewing, this is what I had!

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

Such a fun and easy sew…

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

…such cute customized clothing that you can make fit anyone’s tastes!

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top and Dress PDF pattern: a review by

I love how the tunic looks over the perfectly matching leggings! Of course, I know that it is November, so those of you in the northern hemisphere aren’t looking to sew summer clothing, but you can also make these to layer over other clothing or sew them from heavier fabrics. I saw that one woman even added sleeves to her daughter’s Everyday Tank! So get the pattern* and then just use your imagination!

And guess what? Irene is offering a 40% discount on all of her patterns* until Sunday, November 9, 2014! Just use the coupon code “BLOGTOUR40” at checkout!

As if that weren’t enough, Irene is also giving away this pattern to two lucky people! Enter right below here! (And if you win and have already purchased the pattern, she will give you another one instead.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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And most important of all… have fun!!

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    • Thanks, Pam! I like how the binding matches the leggings without the print being too overwhelming. And I just love red and black together! 🙂 I’ll be curious to see your boy tank!

  1. Thanks Lisa for being part of my tour <3
    I think your children really look great in your creations, and I love how you always save old clothes from trash to… treasures!

  2. Bellissimo questo modello, vorrei proprio provare a vincere il cartamodello, perché è davvero interessante e la tua tunica abbinata ai leggins è davvero ispirante! 🙂
    Ma, mi spiegheresti bene come funziona? Io ho inserito il mio nome e la mail, ho pinnato una delle tue immagini nella mia bacheca Pinterest e inserito nella casella l’url del pin… è giusto?

  3. Che belli! I cambi di colore li rendono molto interessanti e danno un certo fascino “sportivo”.
    Sono veramente tentata dall’acquisto, soprattutto vedendo che questo cartamodello è sfruttabile anche per i maschietti (c’è carenza di principesse, qui), l’unico mio grande dubbio… a parte ovviamente la mia mancanza di confidenza con la maglina, è… ma quando mai troverei il tempo di fare queste cose meravigliose, se finora non sono riuscita neanche a tagliare (non dico finire, nemmeno imbastire, o iniziare… neppure tagliare!!!!) i pezzi per fare la borsa asimmetrica??? AAAAAARGH! Riesco solo a dedicarmi a progetti brevi 🙁
    (e poi devo dire che… un vestito così con le tasche nascoste… lo vorrei per me! Ma dubito ci sia la mia taglia, eh?)
    Ottimo lavoro, come sempre

    • Capisco perfettamente il dilemma, Chiara. Ma ti assicuro che questi top sono molto più veloci e semplici da cucire che la borsa assimetrica. Ho messo più tempo a frugare fra le mie magliette da recuperare e a decidere quali usare che a cucire! E sono assolutamente d’accordo– anch’io lo voglio per me! Una donna nel gruppo di prova di questo modello l’ha cucito per lei, ma lei è piccola quindi le andava bene. Io sono decisamente troppo grande per un top/vestito disegnato per al massimo una ragazza di 14 anni! Ma forse se insistiamo un po’, la cara Irene svilupperà il modello anche per donne! 🙂

      • Se mi dici che è facile… mi tenti, mi tenti tantissimo! Io ho un po’ lo stesso problema che hai con i tuoi figli: il mio grande è molto magro e le cose comprate in negozio o gli stanno larghe o gli stanno corte… e la cosa è particolarmente evidente quando è in tenuta da ginnastica, cioè praticamente 5 giorni la settimana visto che alla sua scuola fanno molta attività sportiva. Ho già acquistato (e non ancora usato… che vergogna!!!!) il cartamodello di MADE by Dana per i pantaloncini (dei quali volevo provare a fare anche una versione allungata) e questo qui sarebbe utilissimo per la parte di sopra, e mi piace pure parecchio!
        Beh… aspetterò ancora qualche ora e se non avrò vinto il giveaway (come è più che probabile) credo che mi lascerò tentare dallo sconto 🙂
        Accipicchia, non riesco proprio a resistere!
        E… si, sono d’accordo nell’insistere per avere la versione adulta del vestito!!! Per favore Irene… pensa anche a noi!!!!

        • E allora, con i figli grandi conviene sempre cucire i vestiti da sè! Questo modello è perfetto per le magliette per la ginnastica. Infatti, ho visto più di una persona che l’ha usato in questo modo.
          Il giveaway finisce domenica, quindi dovrai aspettare di più. Purtroppo anche lo sconto finisce domenica, ma Irene ha detto che se qualcuno vince che ha già acquistato nel frattempo, regala un altro modello. 🙂

          • Hahaha! Non avevo letto bene, avevo visto solo quel grosso “QUATTRO” ed, essendo poco incline alla pazienza, avevo deciso che il giveaway dovesse terminare tra quattro ore…
            Bene, un’ottima scusa in più per approfittare dello sconto e comprare il cartamodello. Tanto lo so benissimo che quando ci sono di mezzo le estrazioni le mie chances sono molto molto ridotte!


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