Sticker Kid custom name tags – Exclusive discount code!


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Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

I was recently contacted by Sticker Kid, a Swiss-based company working in countries all over the world, about their personalized custom name tags. They are extremely high quality adhesive stickers available in various formats as well as iron-on labels for clothing. My kids are constantly losing their belongings, sweatshirts and jackets at school and summer camp, so I was intrigued, but also initially doubtful about how these stickers could really be much different from your ordinary adhesive. But after testing them all out, I was more than convinced of their quality, and am happy to be able to offer an exclusive 10% discount code for Cucicucicoo readers only*!

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

Let’s start from the beginning. I ordered a customized package with two sizes of stickers and some iron-on stickers, letting my daughter choose exactly what she wanted the stickers to say, the colors, and the picture (where applicable). She decided to write just her name (I chose to edit out Sofia’s last name from these images for privacy reasons, so just imagine it in there), but you can write a telephone number or other text, too.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

The envelope arrived in the mail within days and when I opened it, I immediately understood how these stickers are different. The stickers feel like a sort of vinyl and are much more resistant than any other sticker I’ve ever seen. The finish and type are also excellent quality.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

Sofia had just started summer camp, so we stuck the stickers all over her lunch supplies. The larger stickers are great for plates and bowls, while the smaller ones fit nicely on cups and silverware. They stuck very nicely onto different types of plastic as well as stainless steel. Under some of the stickers you can see where I wrote the kids’ names in the past with permanent markers. However this type of marker wears off after a few washings, while the stickers stay just like new wash after wash.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

I also stuck one onto Sofia’s water bottle (a Klean Kanteen* bottle, which you can see has been very well used). (And speaking of Klean Kanteen, I absolutely love the Reflect bottle*, which has absolutely NO plastic in either the bottle or the cap.)

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

Even with the last name edited out, you can see how well these are printed. These stickers can go through the dishwasher without any problems, though I will admit that I didn’t try it myself because my dishwasher is currently broken. However I have scrubbed these stickers by hand every day for about two weeks and they are as good as new.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

The smaller stickers are great for sticking all over school supplies, too. If they’re a little too long, just trim them down. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to not have your kid come home from school missing pens, scissors, pencil sharpener, etc? A dream come true!

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

I decided to test out the durability of the regular stickers on clothing too, even though they’re really not intended to be used that way. (The iron-on tags are for use on clothing, but I’ll talk about those in a moment.) I put two stickers inside the t-shirt above, one on the fabric and one on the printed tag, and washed the shirt in cold water in the washing machine the next day. It did wash off of the fabric, however it stuck to the tag.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

I also tried it out on the inside of Sofia’s hat that she brings to summer camp, however it didn’t stick well because of the stitching on the band, and it washed right off when I handwashed the hat.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

But that’s ok, because the regular stickers aren’t actually meant to be used on fabric that gets washed and there is a totally different type of sticker, a no-sew, iron-on one, for use on fabric. These name tags can be applied to clothing in just ten seconds, so that there’s less of a chance of your child losing his or her clothing items when away from home. They’re so easy to use that they’re perfect for anyone to use, even non-sewers. They can be machine washed and also removed by ironing from the back.

I am a sewer, though, and I always sew woven “Cucicucicoo” tags onto the clothing and objects that I sew. I wanted to think of a good use for these tags, for a situation when I wouldn’t want to sew, and I realized that they would be perfect for fabrics that it’s better not to sew on, such as PUL, the laminated fabric that constitutes the bottom waterproof layer of cloth menstrual pads and cloth diapers. The edges of the fabric obviously must be sewn to join it to the other fabric, but it’s best not to make extra holes in the rest of the PUL piece, or it could eventually start leaking. I had yet to find a good way to put a tag onto these items, so I was really excited to try the Sticker Kid clothing labels on them.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

At first glance, I was doubtful. After peeling the label off of the backing, it didn’t feel at all sticky or like a regular iron-on adhesive. Even when I finger pressed it onto the fabric, it just pulled right away.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

But just 10 seconds of ironing (with an ironing cloth to protect the fabric) stuck it on very well! There was one thing that I noted, though. The instructions say clearly NOT to move the iron while attaching the label. But if you look closely, you’ll see that the edges aren’t perfectly stuck down and there are some circle marks which the holes in the iron left.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

So I decided to not follow the instructions and move the iron slowly back and forth. And the result was perfect! Compare how well the label is attached when moving the iron (number 1 above) and not moving it (number 2 above).

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

After just 10 seconds, that label was stuck tight to the fabric without any sewing at all, and saving the waterproof layer of my pads! I tested them out on cotton (fabric #1 above) and polyester (fabric #2 above) with perfect results.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

Then I tried making it harder on the labels, just to see how well they would work. They stuck perfectly onto a felted wool pad backing, which I purposely left pilled to make the surface even more irregular.

Sticker Kid custom name tags - Exclusive discount code!

And they even stuck perfectly on some minky PUL-backed pads. Minky is basically the fuzzy sort of fabric used for stuffed animals. I couldn’t believe how well they adhered to the longish napped fabric!

I decided to give these pads a good beating and put them through the washing machine in a long hot (60°C) cycle with some sheets, with the intention of showing before and after pictures. But I didn’t even bother to take the after ones, because those labels were stuck on there like crazy and looked exactly as they had before!

Sticker Kid etichette personalizzate - Codice sconto esclusivo!

I was really pleasantly surprised at the durability and quality of these stickers and iron-on labels. They stick on incredibly well when used for what they are indicated for and they don’t immediately start looking worn out like other similar products. Sticker Kid also offers all sorts of different shapes and sizes of labels, even ones that are designed to fit inside children’s shoes! They can be personalized in all sorts of ways and have different colors and images to choose from. There are even currently World Cup labels for the soccer fans out there! The iron-on clothing labels are much more limited in how much they can be customized, but apparently Sticker Kid is planning on expanding the options for those, too.

And guess what else? Sticker Kid is offering a 10% discount on orders using the exclusive code “CUCICUCICOO” at checkout! The offer is valid until the end of September, so why not get some stickers now to try out at summer camp or day care, or during your summer family vacation, then get some more for when school starts? I promise that you’ll start sticking them everywhere! They’re cute, functional and keep your kids from losing everything!

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  1. Davvero carine! Io sono sempre alla ricerca delle etichette termoadesive perfette… Chissà se aumenteranno i caratteri a disposizione, oppure lasceranno presto inserire un immagine al posto del testo… Attendo fiduciosa e mi salvo il link…
    Grazie Lisa!

    • Mi hanno detto che hanno programmato di offrire più scelte per quelle termoadesive. Sono un po’ semplici ora, ma se si possono abbellire un po’, secondo me sarebbero proprio perfette! Comunque, la qualità è davvero eccezionale, come ho scritto!

  2. These stickers look like a great idea. Does the company ship internationally as I’d like to pass this post along to my niece who has three little ones under the age of 7? By the way, I passed your post on Learning to Sew to a friend of mine who speaks Italian and is interesting in learning to sew. I hope he contacts you.

    • Hi Rosemary, This company is present all over the world so you can order from anywhere! Just go to the Sticker Kid website and at the top you can choose “Delivery Area” to access the regional version closest to you. The coupon code mentioned in this post is valid in any of the regional versions of the website. Thanks for passing on the goodies that you see here! 🙂

  3. Mi hai proprio incuriosita e quindi sono subita andata sul sito a personalizzare le mie etichette….a settembre si inizia con la prima elementare e credo proprio ne farò ottimo uso! Il problema è che non accetta il tuo codice sconto…..forse perché ho scelto un pacchetto promo già scontato?
    Ciao e grazie per le tue preziosissime idee!!!

    • Ciao Maria, Non ho idea perché non ha funzionato! Mi dispiace tanto e ho già scritto subito a Sticker Kid per sapere che cosa è successo. Ti scrivo privatamente quando avrò risposta. Ti ringrazio per avermi avvertita!!

    • Maria, ci ho provato e per me funziona. Ho anche fatto la prova con il pacchetto “Speciale Scuola”. Sei sicura di aver cliccato su “Applica Coupon” prima di cliccare “Procedi al Checkout”? Fammi sapere!

  4. ecco, questa era una necessità che non sapevo di avere…
    Scherzi a parte, a settembre il mio grande inizia l’avventura della scuola primaria e queste etichette potrebbero essere molto utili!
    Grazie anche x lo sconto 🙂

  5. Che bella iniziativa!! Io mi sono attrezzata di etichette adesive già settimana scorsa, ma ho scordato quelle pe ri libri, potrei provare questa azienda!! Come posso recuperare il codice promozionale? ciao, Cri

  6. This may seem like a dumb question, but can the iron-on labels be removed? So far I’ve been able to pass clothes from big sister (who starts 1st grade next week) to little sister (who’s starting her second year at the nido). I’d like to label some of big sister’s clothes, and if I can take them off, I’ll put her first name. If I can’t take them off, I’ll use only her last name! Thanks for the advice!

    • Hi, Amy! Definitely NOT a dumb question! (I had the same question, myself!) I haven’t actually tried it myself, but the instructions say that you can remove the labels by re-ironing them. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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