Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 1-7

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ok, i didn’t have any issues this first week of my challenge to wear at least one garment/accessory made/refashioned by yours truly every day. my official photographer is my daughter, which explains both the viewpoint and quality of the photos, which are both a bit… low. oh well. i fixed them up the best i could and in any case they do indeed show what i wore this week.

Me-Made-May '13: May 1

May 1: 
thrifted t-shirt and camisole
embellished jeans to cover mega wine stain
t-shirt necklace with beads (to be blogged about! done!)

Me-Made-May '13: May 2

May 2:
t-shirt with felix the cat freezer paper stencil
black jeans

Me-Made-May '13: May 3

May 3:
t-shirt with traffic sign freezer paper stencil
bordeaux pants

Me-Made-May '13: May 4

May 4:
purple t-shirt
asymetrical skirt made from two t-shirts
necklace made from t-shirt sleeves

Me-Made-May '13: May 5

May 5:
teal t-shirt
jean skirt
optical leggings (tutorial on how to sew them coming soon!) [edit: here’s the tutorial on how to sew them!]
colombian tagua necklace

Me-Made-May '13: May 6

May 6:
this day i was at home all day sewing and putting away winter clothes, but i wore a me-made anyway! (and here you can also see part of our ever-enlarging balcony garden! …not to mention the antenna that looks like it’s spearing my head…)
striped t-shirt
yoga pants from a skirt

Me-Made-May '13: May 7

May 7:
maternity wrap-around top. no, i’m not pregnant, but if you click on that link, you can see me with my second child in my belly. this shirt’s really versatile because you can use it during any moment of your pregnancy or post-partum period. you can also wear it just as well when you’re not gestating, but it’s a tad annoying to wrap all that fabric around and around without a big belly. and this is why i intend to make a little modification of this very soon…

16 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13: what I wore May 1-7”

  1. I love these photos! My favorite is day one — those jeans, sneakers, top and necklace make the perfect outfit! But of course you also know I love that tee-shirt skirt… and everything else for that matter! Your balcony looks great (and I like the U.S. flag embellishment in there).

  2. sei stata SUPER, Lisa!!! Complimenti per tutti i modelli e la tanta fantasia: i jeans con gli abbellimenti, la gonna a punte, le maglie con le applicazioni … insomma grazie per le tantissime ispirazioni!!!
    (a presto con la foto dei tuoi qui a Venezia)

  3. che dire: wowwwwwwwww e poi le foto sono bellissime….fai i complimenti alla tua piccola e tienili anche per te…bellissime opere…invidio un po' anche il caldino che sembra esserci 🙂

  4. ha! yes, i think you can recognize the 4th of july parade flag freebies! the balcony does look great i'll be thrilled if we actually manage to eat something from it, but it's getting awfully squishy! i'd even pushed some plants out of the way for the picture, go figure! thanks for the comment, lin!

  5. grazie! infatti, per 6 anni, non ha fatto male a fotografare (anche se ho fatto il mio raddrizzando, etc. oh, e l'ultima foto l'ha fatta mio marito perché la mia fotografa era tornata a casa con una amica dopo scuola.) sì, c'è a volte un caldo forte, poi all'improvvisa la temperatura scende di 10°. non si capisce niente e abbiamo tutti quanto raffreddori!


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