advent calendar countdown: dec 20 -24

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i already wrote last time that it’s been exhausting doing some sort of interesting activity every day with my daughter, take pictures and blog it. so these last few days were considerably more lazy! except december 20th, when my little girl started learning how to tie her shoes with a board with shoelaces!

i saw the idea here and it immediately seemed like pure genius! so i drew out a shoe shape, punched 4 holes on each side with an ice pick (putting a couple of layers of cardboard underneath to protect the floor), i colored them like her shoes and i slipped a pair of shoelaces through the holes. except i found it a little hard to lace them, so i cut out the cardboard where the shoes’ tongues would be and it works a lot better that way! my daughter was so excited and is having lots of fun learning! you can download my shoe-shape if you don’t feel like free-handing it yourself. just turn the shape upside down to trace the right shoe.

to be honest, i don’t even remember what i proposed the 21st. the 22nd was my little guy’s birthday, but sofia got gifts too, so we opened them as our activity. the 23rd i gave her a couple of sheets of paper that my husband had found with flowers printed on them so that she could cut them out and glue them to another sheet of paper to create a garden. and today, the 24th, we’ll all take the train to naples (hoping the trains actually run, because many trains haven’t been going at all) to take a nice walk in the city and buy traditional neapolitan christmas cookies, as is our tradition on december 24th.

and with this we’ve finished up with this month of advent activities! and i’m still alive! after christmas i’ll pick back up with the many other projects i’ve done which have absolutely nothing to do with kids! for now, i wish you all a merry christmas! 🙂

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