Super infinity scarf

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during my moment of pinterest copying fervor, i fell in love with this idea of a long circular scarf. i’d bought this piece of cotton jersey at my town’s market, but once i got home i had a hard time using it because it has a sort of gathered look in some of the stripes that didn’t go away when i washed it. not being able to use it for another piece of clothing, i decided to use it for this scarf.

but the size of my fabric piece were a bit off, so instead of making the strip of fabric 54 inches (137 cm) wide and 60-74 inches (152-188 cm) long, i cut my fabric in half, making two strips, and sewed them together to make a strip 65 cm wide and 240 cm long. it’s less bulky like this and i can’t wear it in all the ways you can with the original, but i like it a lot anyway.

it’s a pretty easy project, but quite versatile (there are illustrations on the original tutorial of different ways to wear it and you can make up your own). being longer, i have to wrap it around my neck three times instead of two.

pardon the photos. hubby didn’t realize that the camera still had manual focus switched on. oops. as you can see in the photo above, in the end i bought those earring that were tempting me! (i put them in my christmas stocking just for a bit of show for my daughter to see that i get something from santa, too!)

some of the faces i make in photos just crack me up! here it is folded as a “capelet.” i love it this way because it keeps my shoulders covered with there’s a bit of coolness or dampness in the air, even if i can’t always arrange it properly the first time.

capelet seen from behind. (geez, look how long my hair’s getting!)

or as a shawl that loops under the arms. in the end it’s a pretty comfy accessory, practical and easy to stuff in my bag as i’m rushing out the door! (pretty much always!)

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  1. ciao silvia, che bello rivederti! grazie! ma dai, con un po' più di esercitazione, diventerai bravissima, come sei con le altre tue creazioni! il bello è che c'è sempre da imparare! 🙂


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