Adorned belt

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i would really like to publish my projects right after i finish them, but i have so many older projects that i just haven’t been about to get around to publishing, that i feel like i should write about those before i forget everything. last week i sewed two skirts from t-shirts that i didn’t use anymore. i just love them and we took tons of pictures, but my hard disk is full and i can’t download the pictures. so in the meantime i will write about some of those older projects. here we have one made using between the lines’ tutorial.

when i saw pascale’s belt, i immediately thought of this belt that came with a skirt i bought ages ago. i still wear the skirt (and i’ll have something to post about that, too, once i finish it), but i really don’t like thin belts like this, so it was just hanging out in my wardrobe.

it’s a pretty easy project. all you do is punch holes along the belt with a leather punch (that thing in the picture above). right after i bought mine on ebay, i saw one in my local dollar store, which obviously cost less. in any case, you can probably find one relatively easily.

then you cut strips of fabric. i think i cut mine 1 cm wide, but i don’t really remember for sure. (and this is why i need to write my posts right away!!) it’s very useful to use a rotary cutter.

thread a wide-eyed needle with your strips and get working! it’s better not to cut strips that are too long because after threading them through a bunch of holes, they start getting worn out and ugly. you can slip the ends of the strips under the other ones on the back of the belt.

and there you have it! now i like it a lot! except for a little problem: my free belt was such crappy quality that it rubs black off onto my clothes. to quote homer simpson: DOH!

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