Candy extension and market

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when i started up my blog candy 3 weeks ago, i set the end of today as the deadline. i’ve decided to extend it by one day because tomorrow, 7 february, i will be participating in “the fair of imaginary solutions” ragnatela*clandestina from morning til night. so not only will i not have time to do the drawing, but i will also need to temporarily take some of my products out of my online stores (from which the winners can choose their prize). therefore, there’s an extra day to enter! pass it on!

so, tomorrow is the monthly market la ragnatela (spiderweb). this month will be very interesting because it will take place in the comboniani missionaries in castelvolturno, who are very involved in helping local african immigrants. in addition to the regular market of artisan-made and organic foods that will be open from 10 am, there will be various presentations of books and videos, as well as activities for kids.

seeing as i highly doubt that anyone who’s reading this english version of my blog (and therefore doesn’t speak italian) will be going, and that i really don’t have time to translate everything, if you are interested just read the italian version!

so come one, come all! c/o Casa del Bambino Missionari Comboniani, Via Domitiana Castel Volturno (CE) tel. 3289739045 (gianpietro.PAZ)

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