Evening Primrose: Easy Pajama Pants Pattern for Kids


Sew pajama pants for any season! 6 sizes, 3 lengths, elastic or drawstring waistband and optional hidden in-seam pockets, this PDF pattern for kids has everything you could ever ask for in a PJ pants pattern! (available in English or Italian)

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One sewing pattern in either English or Italian (choose your preferred language in the drop-down menu above) for the Evening Primrose Pajama Pants for Kids. Please note that this is an instant downloadable PDF pattern, NOT a finished sewn product!

Evening Primrose easy pajama pants pattern for kids – a simple sewing project for beginners. Sew you favorite children loose and comfy PJ pants in 6 sizes (ages 2-12) with a choice of 3 lengths, elastic or drawstring waistband and optional pockets!

The Evening Primrose is a yellow flower that is closed throughout the day opening up only in the evening and night. The Primrose Pajama Pants are similar in the sense that they are closed up inside a drawer during the day, and worn and appreciated at night!

This is the only kid’s pajama pants pattern you’ll ever need because of all the possibilities it gives you!

Why is this pattern awesome?

  • Comfort: The loose-fitting design doesn’t squeeze or pull on the body, and is so comfortable that your kids will want to wear them all day long!
  • Year-round wear: Three lengths (pants, 3/4 and shorts) mean that you can make these in various fabrics for night-wear in any season!
  • Customized to you: Choose among 6 sizes according to the waist size and customize the leg length according to the instructions.
  • Comfortably snug waist: The waistband sits on the natural hip with a choice between an elastic or drawstring waistband.
  • Carry your stuff: Optional in-seam pockets (in three sizes) are hidden from sight, ready for anything you want to stick in them. Don’t like pockets? No problem– instructions are given for non-pocketed pants, too.
  • Beginner level: If you can sew with the straight stitch and the zig zag stitch, you can make these.
  • Simplicity and speed: Two PDF files for instant download and home printing so you can get started right away.
  • Save money: You will never have to buy a pair of PJ pants EVER AGAIN! Also, if you have a small business selling products you’ve sewn, license for small-scale production for sale is included.
  • Save printer ink: An additional pattern file for printing at a copy shop is included, so you don’t have to use up your printer cartidges or assemble pages. Also consider reading the instructions from your screen instead of printing them out.
  • Ideals: Don’t want to contribute to environmental problems? This pattern can be easily made from repurposed sheets, duvet covers, curtains or tablecloths. There are even instructions given on how to reuse the original hems of any of these items!
  • Match with your favorite little ones: Why not sew yourself a matching pair of Evening Primrose Pajama Pants? See the women’s pattern here or get the adults + children bundle here!

Evening Primrose easy pajama pants pattern for kids – a simple sewing project for beginners. Sew you favorite children loose and comfy PJ pants in 6 sizes (ages 2-12) with a choice of 3 lengths, elastic or drawstring waistband and optional pockets!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

The instructions include:

  • 18-page pattern for home printing, with a table specifying which pages to print (here’s a tutorial on how to print and assemble PDF patterns). The PDF format also allows you to hide sizes you don’t need to avoid wasting printer ink and to save your eyes (this tutorial shows you how).
  • Extra PDF pattern file for printing on A0 paper at a copy shop if you prefer not to print at home.
  • Size charts for 6 pants sizes and 3 pocket sizes.
  • Professional line drawings illustrating each step.
  • Table with fabric requirements for 60″ (150 cm) or 44″ (115 cm) wide fabric.
  • Links to tutorials for specific techniques.
  • Cutting guide for fabric optimization.

Size chart:

Please make sure that the child you are sewing for fits into one of these sizes. If he or she is larger than the measurements indicated in this chart, use the Evening Primrose Pajama Pants for women pattern (even if it’s a boy!).

Size charts for the Evening Primrose Pajama Pants pattern for kids by Cucicucicoo Patterns

To sew these easy pajama pants pattern for kids, you need:

  • Regular sewing machine (overlock machine optional in some steps)
  • Very basic sewing skills (Need sewing help? Take my free sewing lessons!)
  • Acrobat Reader for viewing the PDF file (click to download it for free)

Necessary materials:

  • Light- to medium- weight woven fabric such as quilting cotton, linen, flannel, sweatshirt fleece, velour or fleece. Or be eco-friendly and repurpose a bedsheet, tablecloth or curtain! (fabric yardage varies from ½ yard [40 cm] to 1¾ yards [160 cm] depending on size and chosen length)
  • Lightweight fabric for optional pockets
  • 1″ (2.5 cm) non-roll elastic for the waistband or cording, ribbon, bias tape or extra lightweight fabric for the drawstring
  • Standard sewing machine (serger/overlock machine is optional in some steps)

Evening Primrose Pajama Pants for kids PDF sewing pattern - versions with and without pockets

How to download the PDF files:

You can download the pattern files immediately after purchase, or download them from the email that will be sent to the address you purchased from. 

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