How to Make a Vampire Cape with a Stand Up Collar

Learn how to make a vampire cape with a stand up collar! This easy cloak tutorial is made to size, so it’s perfect for any age or any size. The rigid collar with a decorative button makes it look Dracula-authentic and the circle cape swirls around for super swingy fun! A perfect DIY costume for Halloween! #diycostume #halloweencostumetutorial #halloweencostumediy

I love a good cape for Halloween. They’re so fun to swing around in and they can be used for loads of different costumes. But this year we decided to go for a Dracula look, requiring a rigid collar. So today I’m going to show …

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Easy Jack O Lantern Softie Tutorial – Great for Kids!

This easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial is quick and easy to sew by hand, and a perfect Halloween craft project for kids who are just learning to sew! #halloweencraftforkids #halloweenkidcraft

I’m really excited to share this brand new Halloween craft for kids because this easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial was created by a kid: my daughter, Sofia! Sofia had been sewing project after project from the Sewing School box set* (these books are AMAZING!) …

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Easy Cat Neck Pillow Pattern for Kids and Adults

Years ago I created a cat neck pillow pattern for my children, and it was a huge success. Today I’m sharing with you my updated version of the pattern and tutorial, along with a video tutorial! This cat neck pillow pattern is based on my …

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DIY Neck Pillow Template PDF Download + Tutorial

Kids love sewing and it’s easy with this neck pillow template pdf download! The free sewing pattern includes two sizes + carry strap, and is a fantastic and easy project for kids to sew by hand! Everyone loves travel neck pillows, and now you can make a customized one! #diypillows #neckpillowpattern #diyneckpillow #diytravelpillow

Guys, it’s once again Sew a Softie Month, and I’m so excited! Every year Trixi from Coloured Buttons organizes a month-long extravaganza during which sewing bloggers publish tutorials for stuffed projects that kids can sew. How amazing is that? Learning to sew teaches kids important …

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How to Hand Sew a Scrunchie for your Hair

Learn to hand sew a scrunchie to put your hair in a comfortable ponytail. All you need are basic beginner hand sewing skills to rock one of the best fashions of the 80s! #diyscrunchie #handmadescrunchie

Raise your hand if you’re an 80’s child! Or an 80’s teenager or an 80’s adult! If you were alive in the 80’s you know all about fashion staples of that decade: massively oversized T-shirts, legwarmers, pegged jeans and  puffy and wrinkly fabric covered hair …

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The Best Leggings Sewing Patterns for Girls and Women

Guys, I can’t deny it; I’m leggings-obsessed. I love leggings so, SO much, as does my daughter and over the past few months I’ve been working my tail off to create the best leggings sewing patterns for girls and women. And today I’m thrilled to …

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How to sew splash balls from an old bathing suit

Learn how to sew splash balls with this free pattern and your old worn out swimwear! Fun summer play for kids in or out of the pool. Drop them in water and throw them at your opponent (or a wall or the ground) for a satisfying and cool splash! #diypooltoy #splashball

Oh MAN, is it HOT!! When we have hot, steamy summer weather, the kids and I love any and every way we can possibly stay cool. Which means we drink and eat a lot of really cold things (check out my popsicle and summer drink …

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Threading Elna Lotus sewing machine – Tutorial

The new Elna Lotus is a beginner sewist’s elecronic machine, revisiting a classic piece of modern design. This tutorial on threading Elna Lotus sewing machine, with its unusual shape and thread spool position and layout, will get your ready to sew! #elnalotus #threadingsewingmachine

I often get asked for suggestions for buying a new sewing machine. In a nutshell, my answer is to go to at least one sewing machine dealer or sewing shop to test out some machines and find out more about their features. (For a more …

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How to pull up the bobbin thread on a sewing machine

Got a new sewing machine? Save yourself much frustration and learn how to pull up the bobbin thread! This avoids a common beginner’s mistake that leads to tangled and broken thread! #bobbin #sewing101

Hooray! You have a new sewing machine! This is such an important time, and you have so much fun and creativity to look forward to! But hold your horses; before you jump into sewing, make sure you read the manual to your sewing machine to …

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Clara Wrap Crop Top sewing pattern

The Clara wrap crop top sewing pattern is a trendy and simple cross-front shirt in knit fabric, perfect for layering over camisoles and summer dresses! #sewingpattern #shirtpattern

I wrote the other day about the fantastic Sew Fab pattern bundle that my Hyacinth Moto Leggings pattern is part of. The bundle includes nine patterns in all, and I’ve really been looking to sewing a few of them in particular. There is currently a …

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Sew Fab 2019 spring sewing pattern bundle

Sew loads of warm weather patterns with the amazing Sew Fab 2019 spring sewing pattern bundle! Everything you need for this season’s dresses, leggings, shirts, and bags for women and girls! #sewfab #patternbundle

I am super excited to give you some really cool news! My latest pattern, the Hyacinth Moto Leggings for women, is part of the brand new Sew Fab spring sewing pattern bundle! Eee! The Spring 2019 Sew Fab Bundle features 9 different designers, with 9 brand …

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Tutorial: How to sew knits with a twin needle

Imparare come cucire con l’ago doppio cambierà per sempre come cuci la maglina! L’ago gemello crea cuciture elastiche e professionali sulle stoffe stretch, perfette per abiti come magliette, leggings e tanto altro! #aghi #cucire

Welcome back to another lesson in the free Cucicucicoo Learn how to Machine Sew course for beginners! I’ve already shared some essential tips and instructions for sewing knit fabrics, but I didn’t get into detail about one of the best tools for sewing stretching fabrics. …

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Pattern alterations: How to adjust the crotch in pants

Impara ad adattare il cavallo dei pantaloni per calzare perfettamente il tuo corpo! Queste correzioni del cartamodello evita stoffa tirata o larga sul sedere o all’inforcatura. #cartamodello #cucire

Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on a series of leggings patterns for girls and women (you can find them in the Cucicucicoo Patterns shop!). An interesting thing about pattern testing clothing is seeing how differently a pattern can fit different body …

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DIY Beaded Crochet Earrings Tutorial

Quanto sono sfiziosi questi accessori unici?! Impara come fare orecchini all'uncinetto con perline. Istruzioni semplici anche per principianti! Ottimi da regalare a tutte le amiche! #orecchinialluncinetto #orecchinifaidate

I have this thing about beads and yarn. It’s just a winning combination. You might remember years ago that I made about a gazillion beaded knit necklaces for me and pretty much every woman that I know. Which is why, when DMC contacted me to …

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8 Easy Homemade Recycled Cat Toys in under 5 Minutes!

Realizza questi 8 giochi fai da te per gatti con il riciclo creativo in meno di 5 minuti! Basta quello che hai già in casa per far divertire il tuo gatto preferito! #giochigatti #giochipergatti

I am, and have always been, a cat person. I love cats and have always had at least one since I was a little girl who begged her mother for a “kitty that goes meow all by itself.” About a year ago we brought two …

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Hand sewn plush heart pillow with pocket

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with love notes inside the pocket of this hand sewn plush heart pillow! The free pattern is easy enough for beginners and children to sew by hand or by sewing machine. #valentinesdaysewing #vdaysewing #kidssew

I always say that ANYONE can sew, and that goes for kids, too. This is why I love Sew a Softie, the wonderful recurring event created by Trixi from Coloured Buttons. My children and I participated in Sew a Softie last summer with a pattern and tutorial …

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How to Sew a Fabric Valentine’s Day Banner

Che bello! Come cucire un festone per San Valentino con ritagli e lo sbieco. Ottima decorazione handmade che esprime l’amore ai tuoi cari il 14 febbraio o ogni giorno! #sanvalentino #decorazionisanvalentino #sanvalentinofaidate

Yep, you might’ve noticed that I’ve been ever-so-slightly obsessed with banners these days. I just can’t help it! Ever since I created my “Celebrate! Banner” pattern last year, I’ve been making every possible type of bunting, both for me and to give to loved ones. …

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How to make a 1-minute DIY jean hem bracelet

What a simple and quick way to get a funky new accessory! Save those cuffs when you refashion or repurpose your old jeans and turn them into a super simple DIY jean hem bracelet! All you need are scissors, a snap and 1 minute! #jeansrefashion #refashionjeans

I love refashioning and repurposing jeans. We all have jeans and when they become unusable for one reason or another, the fabric is wonderful for using in so many ways. I love the different shades of blue and the fraying of unfinished denim edges. But …

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How to make a neck pillow from a sweatshirt

Sembra comodissimo! Come fare un cuscino per il collo con una felpa riciclata in soli 10 minuti! Perfetto per viaggiare comodo o rilassarsi in casa! #cuscino #riciclocreativo

It’s funny how we can get super attached to an article of clothing, isn’t it? Sometimes you know that you can’t wear it anymore, but you just can’t bear to get rid of it. This was the case with my son and his banana sweatshirt. …

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