Make your own DIY soap pocket from a towel

towel soap pockets

I saw a cute tutorial for a DIY soap pouch made from a towel a while back and after receiving Stefania’s amazing handmade soaps back in June I decided to make myself one of them to use in the shower after my swim class. Soaping …

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Make DIY Minions from Upcycled Materials: Tutorial

Minions from upcycled materials

Today the movie Despicable Me 2 is coming out in the theaters in Italy. (Yes, considerably later than in the States.) My daughter and her cousin are besides themselves with joy. They’ve been waiting and waiting to see the Minions on the big screen. From …

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Super quick DIY zipper earrings + two freebies!

Super quick DIY zipper earrings

Last year, when my little girl was getting ready to start 1st grade, I realized that her pen/pencil/marker case from kindergarten just was too massacred to use again. I couldn’t throw it away, though, with those three cheerful bright red zippers. I removed them carefully–  …

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Mala and T-shirt Necklace

beaded tshirt necklace

  I’d had these wooden beads in a glass jar for nearly 10 years. I’d saved them from… are you ready?… a pair of flip-flops. Yes, that rubber part that keeps them on your feet? They were covered in these beads. They were cute, but …

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homemade upcycled peppa pig magnets

peppa pig magnets

my kids just love peppa pig. so they were pretty lucky to have gotten the joy of 3 peppa pig mega easter eggs this year. it seemed a shame to throw out the outer papers with their favorite characters (as well as the crayon container …

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personalized pool accessories: the footmat

pool footmat

i’ve already written about my first personalized pool accessory. now the second. most women in the locker room have a sort of synthetic mat they stand on as they get dried off and dressed. (edit: some readers asked me what these are. here you can …

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Upcycled bottle cap dog tags

remember these metal bottle caps (left over from our glass water bottles) and t-shirt sleeves (left over from various projects, such as my bathroom rug)? i also posted a photo of a bunch of cardboard boxes. this stuff was all for a children’s “green art” …

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$1000 upcycled tie pillow

what should you do when you have bunches of neckties that you don’t need anymore? well, there are loads of ideas online, but the real question is: what did i do with them? pillow covers, obviously! this actually wasn’t my idea, nor was it my …

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Laundry bags from pillowcases

pillowcase laundry bags

perfect line drying weather has officially arrived (gads, how hot and how sunny it is!), so i decided to finally post this project. a while back i saw this tutorial by in color order to make drawstring laundry bags from pillowcases. it seemed like a …

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Orange peel necklaces

aren’t these necklaces pretty? no, i didn’t make them. i saw them at a market in april 2011. i don’t remember what latin american country they came from, but they’re made from seeds, acorns and little cirlces of orange peel. i really love natural jewelry, …

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How to fix an inflatable pouf

salvare pouf gonfiabile

what can you do with a bunch of junk? such as: two destroyed bathroom rugs 5 bags full of fabric scraps and two popped inflatable poufs (do you know what those are? i’d never heard the term used before in english, but it seems to …

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Tutu and wings

i’m really really proud of myself…i made my kids’ carnival costumes myself and i finished them a whole TWO days before my daughter’s school party! i finished them so early that i decided to make a copy of two parts of my daughter’s costume as …

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100% upcycled pot

first of all, i’d like to thank all the italians who voted in the referendum. i’m so happy with the result! i don’t know about you, but i always need more plant pots. i feel like i’m constantly buying new ones. so i decided to …

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Handmade Bookmark with Portrait (Gifts by Kids)

Make a handmade bookmark with a portrait as a DIY gift! Your child draws the picture and you embroider over it, or the child just paints directly on the fabric. The DIY fabric bookmark is a fun homemade gift that will be a favorite among family and friends! #giftsbykids #diyfabricbookmark

One of the first craft books that I bought and that I’ve loved very much is Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule*. This book was the inspiration for my repurposed towel and bedsheet bathroom rugs. But it also inspired me to make a handmade bookmark …

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Recycled shirt bath mat: tutorial

on monday i wrote about how to make yarn out of old t-shirts. but i didn’t want to reveal what i made with this special yarn until i was done. yesterday i finished it. what is it? a rug for the bathroom! i’d wanted to …

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How to make yarn from old t-shirts

last week i started a new project with this lovely homemade “yarn”. and what did i make it out of? old t-shirts! there are tons of ways to upcycle t-shirts that you don’t use anymore, but this is a great way to use up all …

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How to make baskets from recycled paper

**TUTORIAL UPDATE** I’ve created a new version of the woven cereal box basket, giving more detailed instructions and including more pictures to better explain each step. You can find the new tutorial here! ——————————————— a year ago i saw this post on pane, amore e …

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How to sew corners on a bed sheet: Tutorial

we were quite lucky because we’re full of bed sheets that were barely used by my husband’s family. the annoying thing? they’re all flat sheets, and not one fitted one. i really can’t stand having to fold the edges of a flat sheet under the …

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From puzzle mat to bulletin board

last week i made stamps from the letters from one of those little foam letter puzzles and i wondered how to use up the remaining foam pieces. i got some good ideas from my readers, but in the end i made a little “cork” board …

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How to make homemade foam stamps from old puzzles

Everyone loves playing with stamps! And it’s super easy to make homemade foam stamps from old foam puzzles and bottle caps… without paying a cent! A repurposing tutorial by

Our family is stamp-addicted. We have a really insane collection of stamps that we take out from time to time to create crazy scenes with people, speech bubbles, animals, aliens and any and every other thing you could possibly imagine. And I didn’t buy a …

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