Skirt with double ruffle

adding a bottom ruffle to a skirt

  You might remember this photo from the 9th day of my Me-Made-May ’13 challenge. I brought the kids to school in the morning wearing the skirt as it had been when my sister gave it to me a few years ago, but it was …

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Tutorial: Turn a shirt into leggings

leggings from a shirt

  And here we have the third and last leggings tutorial! You’ll need a pattern (tutorial here) and a long-sleeved shirt in some sort of stretchy fabric and you’ll sew them in a similar way to how you sew leggings with fabric yardage (tutorial here). …

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make new leggings out of old tights

tights leggings

i’ve always liked thick, colorful tights. sure, lots of people have made fun of me over the years, but i feel very me dressed with colored legs. i love that my daughter also likes them and i’ve been very lucky to have a friend who …

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scarf shawl

i fell in love when i saw this scarf cardigan. amazing!! and i also had a couple of pashmina-type scarves that i didn’t use anymore and wanted to use them to recreate it. except there’s no tutorial (i even wrote to the author, but she …

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criss cross scarf

a few years back i received this scarf from alessia as part of a swap. i really liked the color, the yarn and how it’s worked, but i couldn’t figure out how to wear it properly. perhaps it’s supposed to be worn like this, but …

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Jeans + red wine

jeans vine embellishment

happy 2013! i decided to start off the new year with one of my favorite recente projects. flying back from boston last summer, my little charmer sent my dinner tray, complete with red wine, flying in the air (and all over me and our seats) …

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confessions of a refashionista + t(ie)-shirt cardigan

cardigan from tshirt and tie

alternate title: “good things come to those who wait.” that’s how it went with the book “confessions of a refashionista: life on the zig zag.” i’d wanted to read it since discovering sheri from awesomesauce & asshattery, but she was getting the new edition ready, …

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Not-So-White T Shirts

when it’s not too cool/cold out, the kids at our town’s nursery and elementary schools can wear a white t-shirt instead of a school smock. this makes me very happy, because i really don’t like the smocks very much and then we only have two …

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Yoga pants from a skirt

like my new yoga pants? (and my dirty feet?) well, actually, they’re not very new. nor were they always pants. i bought this cotton jersey skirt in the long past 1999. i always liked it in theory, but i’ve never loved actually wearing it because …

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Yet more zero cost summer clothes

geez, how time flies. i’d wanted to write this post shortly after the last one about how to obtain summer clothes quickly and easily, but i was on vacation and just couldn’t. we took a nice road trip around northern italy, in areas where i’d …

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Summer clothes in a moment

if you follow me on facebook, you might have seen last week when ashley from make it and love it had the same idea that i did: use your daughter’s too-short leggings and shorten them to make summer leggings. and if you read this blog, …

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Wristwarmers from socks

socks become wristwarmers

i’ve already written about my sock dilemma and why i have a bunch of them to use in some way or another. i’d already done two projects using socks: the monster toy and the pot. i also had these socks, a bit used and longer …

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Stain-covering ruffles

stain-covering ruffles

i can’t believe it…i’d almost finished translating this long post, which i’d spent quite a bit of time on…and firefox went nuts and i lost it. i’m trying to suppress all the swearing i’d like to do (mostly because i’m nursing my little guy as …

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DIY maternity pants: tutorial

when i was pregnant with my daughter, i didn’t really need to buy (or use) many maternity clothes because she was born in the summer and i used a lot of beach wrap-around skirts under my belly (which was always high) and i wasn’t at …

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Transfer drawings to t shirts with freezer paper

Did your kid draw the best picture, or you found a great image online? Find out how to transfer drawings to T shirts with freezer paper stenciling! Such a fun way to jazz up boring clothing and the most addicting craft ever! Tutorial by

I just can’t handle a plain garment. And I REALLY can’t handle a plain T-shirt. And this is one of the reasons why I do freezer paper stenciling so often. What’s another reason? It’s SO EASY. It’s SO FUN. It’s SO ADDICTIVE. (Are those enough …

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Free Pattern! Sew girl underwear from a t shirt

Free pattern and tutorial for sewing girl's underwear from a T-shirt!

  **Update October 15, 2016** Given the popularity of this tutorial, I digitized this pattern and made a few simple changes to the post. I’ve seen a lot of blogs and websites write recently about making underwear out of old t-shirts. I thought it was …

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