DIY Beaded Napkin Rings with Elastic Cord

Make these easy DIY beaded napkin rings with wooden beads and elastic cording to keep your family’s cloth napkins in order! Make a set so that you can color code everyone’s napkins without mixing them up! A full set of handmade cloth napkins and napkin holders make a great DIY gift! #beadednapkinrings #diynapkinrings

I do my best to avoid using disposable products, which is sometimes easy and sometimes complicated. One of the easiest to use, though, are cloth napkins, which I’ve used for about 12 years now. And what better way to keep your family’s napkins separate than …

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How to Blanket Stitch on Felt and Other Fabric

Learn how to blanket stitch on felt or other fabrics for a pretty edging on your sewn projects. Video and tutorial show how to hand sew blanket stitch on one or more layers on a straight edge or round piece! #handsew #blanketstitch #embroidery

Over the past few years I’ve been hand sewing much more. Machine sewing is fast and professional-looking, but these days I often prefer sewing by hand for its slow, meditative quality. It’s relaxing and also portable, meaning I can work on it wherever I go. …

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How to use a seam ripper correctly (and fast!)

Become best sewing friends with your stitch unpicker tool! Learn how to use a seam ripper correctly to remove individual stitches or to quickly tear out whole lines of stitching in one go! #seamripper #sewingtools

I’ve never taken a poll, but I’m willing to bet that most sewists would choose a seam ripper as her favorite, must-have sewing tool. However a surprising number of people who sew don’t know to how to use a seam ripper correctly or at all! …

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Perler Bead Christmas Patterns for DIY Ornaments

These perler bead Christmas patterns are perfect for kids to make DIY ornaments as holiday gifts! #hamabeadschristmas #perlerbeadschristmas

If you have kids, you probably know all about hama beads. Or perler beads, melty beads, Pyssla beads, fuse beads or any of the other names for them. Those little plastic cylinders that you arrange into shapes and fuse with an iron. So today I’m …

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DIY Snowflake Embroidered Felt Christmas Ornaments

Hand sew these beautiful snowflake embroidered felt Christmas ornaments for your tree or to decorate your home during the holidays. These are easy to create with a free embroidery pattern for three different designs, and require only three basic embroidery stitches. What a perfect handmade Christmas gift! #diyornament #embroideredornament

Every autumn, when it starts getting cool, I dig in to my massive felted wool sweater collection and let the colors and textures inspire me. This year I was inspired to embroider snowflakes (like I already showed with my DIY felted wool sweater stocking with …

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DIY Felted Wool Sweater Stocking Pattern with Embroidery

Sew this DIY felted wool sweater stocking pattern with embroidered snowflakes. These beautiful handmade stockings can be sewn by hand or machine! #diystocking #stockingpattern

Where I live in Italy, Santa doesn’t leave gifts in a stocking on Christmas Eve, but a friendly old witch does during the night before Epiphany (January 6). So I decided to create a pattern for a general winter-themed stocking, instead of a Christmas one. …

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How to Embroider Snowflakes Three Simple Ways

Learn how to embroider snowflakes in three simple ways with this free embroidery pattern. Embellish your winter and holiday decorations by hand! #winterembroidery #christmasembroidery

I love the warm days and cool nights of fall, but I am actually looking forward to cold winter days, drinking hot tea, cozying up on the couch under a blanket to read or watch a movie with the kids. So, in getting ready for …

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How to Make a Vampire Cape with a Stand Up Collar

Learn how to make a vampire cape with a stand up collar! This easy cloak tutorial is made to size, so it’s perfect for any age or any size. The rigid collar with a decorative button makes it look Dracula-authentic and the circle cape swirls around for super swingy fun! A perfect DIY costume for Halloween! #diycostume #halloweencostumetutorial #halloweencostumediy

I love a good cape for Halloween. They’re so fun to swing around in and they can be used for loads of different costumes. But this year we decided to go for a Dracula look, requiring a rigid collar. So today I’m going to show …

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Easy Jack O Lantern Softie Tutorial – Great for Kids!

This easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial is quick and easy to sew by hand, and a perfect Halloween craft project for kids who are just learning to sew! #halloweencraftforkids #halloweenkidcraft

I’m really excited to share this brand new Halloween craft for kids because this easy Jack O Lantern softie tutorial was created by a kid: my daughter, Sofia! Sofia had been sewing project after project from the Sewing School box set* (these books are AMAZING!) …

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Easy Cat Neck Pillow Pattern for Kids and Adults

Years ago I created a cat neck pillow pattern for my children, and it was a huge success. Today I’m sharing with you my updated version of the pattern and tutorial, along with a video tutorial! This cat neck pillow pattern is based on my …

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DIY Neck Pillow Template PDF Download + Tutorial

Kids love sewing and it’s easy with this neck pillow template pdf download! The free sewing pattern includes two sizes + carry strap, and is a fantastic and easy project for kids to sew by hand! Everyone loves travel neck pillows, and now you can make a customized one! #diypillows #neckpillowpattern #diyneckpillow #diytravelpillow

Guys, it’s once again Sew a Softie Month, and I’m so excited! Every year Trixi from Coloured Buttons organizes a month-long extravaganza during which sewing bloggers publish tutorials for stuffed projects that kids can sew. How amazing is that? Learning to sew teaches kids important …

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How to Hand Sew a Scrunchie for your Hair

Learn to hand sew a scrunchie to put your hair in a comfortable ponytail. All you need are basic beginner hand sewing skills to rock one of the best fashions of the 80s! #diyscrunchie #handmadescrunchie

Raise your hand if you’re an 80’s child! Or an 80’s teenager or an 80’s adult! If you were alive in the 80’s you know all about fashion staples of that decade: massively oversized T-shirts, legwarmers, pegged jeans and  puffy and wrinkly fabric covered hair …

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The Best Leggings Sewing Patterns for Girls and Women

Guys, I can’t deny it; I’m leggings-obsessed. I love leggings so, SO much, as does my daughter and over the past few months I’ve been working my tail off to create the best leggings sewing patterns for girls and women. And today I’m thrilled to …

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Threading Elna Lotus sewing machine – Tutorial

The new Elna Lotus is a beginner sewist’s elecronic machine, revisiting a classic piece of modern design. This tutorial on threading Elna Lotus sewing machine, with its unusual shape and thread spool position and layout, will get your ready to sew! #elnalotus #threadingsewingmachine

I often get asked for suggestions for buying a new sewing machine. In a nutshell, my answer is to go to at least one sewing machine dealer or sewing shop to test out some machines and find out more about their features. (For a more …

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Sew Fab 2019 spring sewing pattern bundle

Sew loads of warm weather patterns with the amazing Sew Fab 2019 spring sewing pattern bundle! Everything you need for this season’s dresses, leggings, shirts, and bags for women and girls! #sewfab #patternbundle

I am super excited to give you some really cool news! My latest pattern, the Hyacinth Moto Leggings for women, is part of the brand new Sew Fab spring sewing pattern bundle! Eee! The Spring 2019 Sew Fab Bundle features 9 different designers, with 9 brand …

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