Pine Cone Christmas Trees: a tutorial for kids

This adorable holiday craft is easy and fun for kids, and a great gift for them to give to loved ones!

A couple of weeks ago I published a tutorial for a children’s activity, making woven Hopi Eye Christmas ornaments, for the advent calendar countdown at the blog Creare per r’ESISTERE (in Italian, while the English version can be found here on Elisabetta asked me …

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Tutorial: Reusable fabric gift bags from freebie bags

Reusable fabric gift bags from freebie bags

Welcome back to my eco gift wrapping guide! Today’s tutorial requires a tiny bit more effort to make than the other projects in this series (though being far from difficult) but is probably the easiest one to use afterwards, and will definitely be used many …

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Furoshiki: Japanese reusable fabric gift wrap

Stop wasting wrapping paper! This tutorial shows how to make Furoshiki, a Japanese style of fabric gift wrap that gets folded and reused over and over. So pretty and colorful!

Today’s project is my absolute favorite one that is part of my Ecological Gift Wrapping series: furoshiki. This Japanese technique is a super simple form of reusable fabric gift wrap, although it’s also used to carry bundles in Japan. I’ve been using the same furoshiki …

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Tutorial: Make recycled gift tags from old cards

Label your presents with names with these adorable recycled gift tags. They're super easy and free to make from old greeting cards and scraps of ribbon! A beginner’s upcycling tutorial by

Welcome to the first installment of my Eco Gift Wrapping Guide! In my introduction to this series I mentioned my thrifty mother and how she would get the most out of any wrapping paper or materials that came her way. But her wrapped packages didn’t …

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How to make the ultimate Quince Jam

Living in a place with a different language than the one you grew up with can be funny. I’d heard of the fruit quince before, but never knew what it was. In Italy I heard of the fruit mela cotogna (mela means apple), then finally …

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Orange liquor x 2


one of the nice things about living in southern italy? every so often our friends give us massive quantities of citrus fruits that we don’t know what to do with. so quite often i end up making liquor or marmalade. for example, with lemons i …

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Handmade Bookmark with Portrait (Gifts by Kids)

Make a handmade bookmark with a portrait as a DIY gift! Your child draws the picture and you embroider over it, or the child just paints directly on the fabric. The DIY fabric bookmark is a fun homemade gift that will be a favorite among family and friends! #giftsbykids #diyfabricbookmark

One of the first craft books that I bought and that I’ve loved very much is Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule*. This book was the inspiration for my repurposed towel and bedsheet bathroom rugs. But it also inspired me to make a handmade bookmark …

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Recycled shirt bath mat: tutorial

on monday i wrote about how to make yarn out of old t-shirts. but i didn’t want to reveal what i made with this special yarn until i was done. yesterday i finished it. what is it? a rug for the bathroom! i’d wanted to …

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How to make baskets from recycled paper

**TUTORIAL UPDATE** I’ve created a new version of the woven cereal box basket, giving more detailed instructions and including more pictures to better explain each step. You can find the new tutorial here! ——————————————— a year ago i saw this post on pane, amore e …

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100% recycled pillow

these days all my energy has been going into the birth of my business with my cloth products. it’s a lot of work and a lot of thought. i haven’t slept decently in 3 or 4 nights thanks to bizarre dreams about sewing cloth diapers. …

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Make your own potholders – Tutorial

This week it was pretty much impossible for me to do anything fun or blog thanks to the flu and lots of work. This morning, though, I brought my daughter to school and I got off to “work.” Our potholders were in pretty pitiful shape, …

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