Glove animal tutorial: Upcycled Glovosaurs

Jumping with Jurassic Joy! Upcycled Glovosaurs. Glove animal tutorial (dinosaur softies) by Sweater Doll for

Today I’m so happy to back with my Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewing series with the one and only Allison from Sweater Doll! Allison is a US expat, like me, living in Australia and creates the best fabric dolls and softies ever. Seriously, next time …

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DIY Flower pots from tin cans

How to make personalized DIY flower pots from tin cans | Cri Erre Handmade for

A wonderful thing about summer is being able to spend time gardening gorgeous flowers, delicious veggies and flavorful herbs. Well, at least you can if you have a garden! For those of us who live in an apartment, a few pots on the balcony and in the home have to suffice.

Today’s guest poster for the Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series is Cristina from Cri Erre Handmade. Cristina is an expert gardener, but also a lover of upcycling and organic foods. Today she will show us how to make a personalized flower pot from a simple tin can and a few other materials!

Cri Erre Handmade on Cucicucicoo's Eco Crafters and Sewers

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How to sew a refashioned DIY lace t-shirt top

How to sew a DIY lace t-shirt top from an old tee! A sewing tutorial by Green Issues by Agy for!

Welcome back to the newest tutorial in the Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series! If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen my notice that, due to the transfer of my website’s hosting and domain to a better, FASTER, service, I wasn’t able to publish earlier this week. But now everything is back up and running better than ever, and I’m thrilled to have Agatha Lee from Green Issues by Agy as our guest today!

Agatha is an eco-designer and passionate environmental educator, combining her love for making and the environment. She previously worked as a policy maker at the National Environmental Agency, Singapore for over 10 years before founding Green Issues by Agy, where she transforms textile waste into creative wearables. She holds regular talks and shares how you can get more out of your old clothes at workshops such as Fix It Friday and DIY Your Clothes. Her current blog series is Fix It Friday and Fashion Designers Do Good.

You may remember Agy’s name because I was fortunate enough to participate in two of her fascinating blog trains, “I didn’t throw it away” and “Making good.” I love Agy’s ecological spirit which shines through in her creative re-use of materials. So, without further ado, here’s Agy’s tutorial for a lovely hand-sewn upcycled lace top using an old t-shirt and a mended piece of lace!

How to sew a DIY lace t-shirt top from an old tee! A sewing tutorial by Green Issues by Agy for!

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How to sew a clutch bag from repurposed jeans

DIY tutorial: How to sew a clutch bag from repurposed jeans. A tutorial by Le Pecionate for

Today’s guest for the Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series is the lovely Laura from Le Pecionate! I love the tireless spirit and sense of humor with with she approaches her projects, which, as the name in Roman dialect (from pecione, meaning “bungler”) says, don’t always come out perfectly. But in this age of Pinterest perfection, the motto of Le Pecionate (Laura and her friend Claudia) is spot on: “Done is better than perfect!” Well said, ladies! This is the real handmade spirit, and most importantly, to have fun!

But I would say that the name is a bit too much on the modest side, because this pair creates lots of really cute and useful things. And so let me free up the stage for Laura and her tutorial on how to sew a clutch bag from repurposed jeans!

DIY tutorial: How to sew a clutch bag from repurposed jeans. A tutorial by Le Pecionate for

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Tutorial: upcycle egg cartons into Flower Fairies

DIY tutorial: How to make Flower Fairies from upcycled egg cartons | a Mammabook tutorial for

DIY tutorial: How to make Flower Fairies from upcycled egg cartons | a Mammabook tutorial for www.cucicucicoo.comFor our third guest post in the Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series, I’m thrilled to have Silvia from Mammabook! I’ve known this Italian mom living in Germany for years now, and it’s amazing how close you can feel to a person without ever having seen her before! I love her creative drive, always creating new things in her very own personal style. Feeling passionate about upcycling, she’s organized two editions of the Creative Recycling for Kids initiative (and I participated in both 2014 and 2013 with guest posts). She has a unique and whimsical drawing and painting style, which you can see in her Etsy shop, which features intricately painted rocks, which she turns into brooches, toys, magnets and more.

Silvia has created a tutorial for an incredible transformation of egg cartons, so let me show her in!

I’m so glad to have the chance today to write for a blog which I truly adore, and that I’ve been reading for such a long time; thank you, Lisa! I am also really happy because I’ve been invited to present a tutorial about creative recycling, and that’s definitely one of my favourite artistic topics.

DIY tutorial: How to make Flower Fairies from upcycled egg cartons | a Mammabook tutorial for

There are a lot of recyclable materials out there, but egg carton boxes are for me among the most beautiful and flexible. Today I prepared for you an easy DIY to create decorative flower fairies, perfect for every season – wouldn’t they be cute also in red and white hanging from a Christmas tree?!

DIY tutorial: How to make Flower Fairies from upcycled egg cartons | a Mammabook tutorial for

To make these fairies you’ll need wooden beads about one and half centimetres in diameter, beads about half a centimetre in diameter, string or twine, and, of course, egg carton boxes. Please place on your work space also watercolours and acrylics colours, a thin brush and a thicker one, scissors in various sizes, and a hot glue gun.

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Upcycle yogurt cups: Primrose flowers

Here we are for the second guest post for my Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series! Last time we had a refashion, and this time an upcycle with my friend Silvia Brentegani from Tocco di Lìllà! I’ve known Silvia in the blog world for years, but we’ve never met in person, although, strangely enough, she met up with my mother a couple of years ago and took her around Venice!

Silvia is passionate about creative recycling (but also about crochet, sewing and mosaic), which she uses in projects for the home, accessories and jewelry for adults and children. She likes to observe materials and objects that could end up as trash and transform them into something once again useful. She arranges courses, lessons and meet-ups to experiment and learn more about reusing plastic, fabric, paper and more. What’s her wish? To help leave the world a little better than she found it!

Tutorial: How to upcycle yogurt cups and fruit nets and turn them into cute primrose flowers, perfect for decorating your home in all sorts of eco-friendly ways! Tocco di Lìllà for

A recurring theme of Silvia’s is upcycling yogurt containers to create snowflakes, flowers, candle holders and a wide variety of decorations. (You can see them here.) I’m always amazed at what she manages to make out of this material and this is why I asked her more than a year ago, when I started thinking about this series, to create a tutorial with them for me. And so, now let me pass you on to Silvia, who will show us how to upcycle yogurt cups and fruit nets to make primroses!

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A Flowy and Flowery T-Shirt Dress Refashion

I’m super excited because today is the first guest post for my Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series! And who better to start off with, than my blogging BFF Irene, from Serger Pepper with a super cute refashion!

Irene and I share a passion for refashioning, sewing with upcycled clothing and other fabrics, and using fabrics creatively. I have quite a collection of projects sewn from her patterns* or tutorials, such as the girls’ Basic Leggings, the Hands-Free Asymmetrical Bag, the Everyday Tank Top, the One Cardigan, Big Girl Briefs, and pajamas from t-shirts. And she’s published a guest post of mine (on turning men’s t-shirts into women’s fitted t-shirts) and published a guest post on Mammabook using two of my tutorials, not to mention has been a valuable pattern tester for me!

You can find lots of great sewing tutorials and patterns on her website, or check out her Facebook group, Serger Pepper Patterns. She has just started collaborating with Craftsy*, writing for their sewing blog! (Wow! Go you, Irene!) Her first post was published there just yesterday on differential feed on overlock machines, so you should go take a look at it if you have a serger. Irene is probably the most Pinterest-obsessed person that I know (she calls herself Pinterst-addicted), so if you ever want some great ideas, check out her Pinterest boards!

Irene di Serger Pepper all'incontro di bloggers di cucito, il 28 marzo 2015.  #cucitoitaliano

Incidentally, I also finally met Irene in person just two days ago in Milan for the Blog Italiani di Cucito meetup of Italian sewing bloggers. (On the right in the picture above. Isn’t she adorable?!) What an amazing experience, to spend a day with 30 women with the love of sewing in common, and how many amazing new friends!

Ok, enough, you want the tutorial, right?! So let me pass you on to Irene! (And when you comment to tell her how much you like this project, compliment her on her English, too! Isn’t it great?)

I am really excited to open this new awesome eco-series by Lisa @ Cucicucicoo… what an honor! This series is all about how we can love our Mother Earth re-using materials instead of throwing away everything after using it: this is more or less my whole life purpose! People who know me jokes me about toilet paper… which is probably the only disposable I admit in my house!

Being a sewing blogger, I will focus on how to refashion pre-loved garments: and this garment has been truly loved! It wasn’t in my refashion pile, also if I have worn it the last time a long time ago. I am attached to it because it is what I wore at my matriculation exams in the middle of the 90’s!

I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and this has been my first long dress… I felt so feminine and grown-up when I have bought it! But… it’s totally un-wearable now: too 90’s! Since I am unable to throw away garments, it stayed hidden in my closet until my friend Lisa asked me to create something for this series… and the proverbial bulb turned on!

Why not using it to make a not-so-boxy T-shirt I can actually wear?

A Flowy and Flowery T-Shirt Dress Refashion: a tutorial by Serger Pepper as part of the Cucicucicoo's Eco Sewers and Crafters series. Save a big and boxy t-shirt and unfashionable flowery dress, by combining them!

Follow me into this step-by-step tutorial to create your own!

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Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers!

Cucicucicoo's Eco Crafters and Sewers: a series of guest posts with crafting and sewing tutorials using upcycled materials |

I’m super excited to announce my new series, Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers! Every other week, I will host a crafty blogger who takes environmental issues to heart, and will take us through a brand spanking new tutorial on creative recycling and upcycling! The projects …

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