non-leather biker

today i’m mixing two types of bikers: making something that goes along with the image of a motorcycle biker (leather cuff) from a bicycle biker’s waste: inner tubes! a couple of years ago i made my husband a bag from one of his old inner …

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Wooly accessories from scraps

wool neck choker

remember those eco-sponges that i made from wool clothes that i’d inadvertently felted?  i wrote about how i’d done something with the remainders of those clothes, but then three months went by without my writing the post. but, you know how they say, better late …

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Super infinity scarf

sciarpa infinity infinità fai da te

during my moment of pinterest copying fervor, i fell in love with this idea of a long circular scarf. i’d bought this piece of cotton jersey at my town’s market, but once i got home i had a hard time using it because it has …

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Zaaberry newborn hats

cappellini da neonato

a friend of mine wanted to give something to her co-worker’s brand new little boy and thought of me. they weren’t interested in cloth diapers, wipes or other such products (too bad!). i thought of a tutorial i’d seen recently at zaaberry on how to …

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T-shirty Accessories

t shirt sleeve necklace

  i just *LOVE* pinterest and i find loads of ideas there that truly inspire me. the problem is that sometimes i can’t stop thinking about some projects that i want to do exactly as they are and my creativity gets blocked. so every once …

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Adorned belt

i would really like to publish my projects right after i finish them, but i have so many older projects that i just haven’t been about to get around to publishing, that i feel like i should write about those before i forget everything. last …

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Summer clothes in a moment

if you follow me on facebook, you might have seen last week when ashley from make it and love it had the same idea that i did: use your daughter’s too-short leggings and shorten them to make summer leggings. and if you read this blog, …

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Ruffly scarf

ruffle scarf

and i’d said that i wanted to post while on vacation… i really did, but it ended up being more complicated than i’d expected. then i thought: right away when i get back home. well, that didn’t quite work out either. i tell you, taking …

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Orange peel necklaces

aren’t these necklaces pretty? no, i didn’t make them. i saw them at a market in april 2011. i don’t remember what latin american country they came from, but they’re made from seeds, acorns and little cirlces of orange peel. i really love natural jewelry, …

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Gift scarves

ruffle scarves

these days i have precious little time to spend on my own things, even if they’re christmas gifts. luckily i’ve found a way to snatch a bit of time to knit. when i go out in the morning with the little guy, he almost always …

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Melon seed jewelry

Make cool handmade jewelry with melon seeds and nail polish!

when i saw these necklaces, it was love at first sight! i discovered maya’s blog (and the necklaces) thanks to linda’s blog. i told myself that i just HAD to give it a go myself. it’s quite simple: just remove the seeds from a melon …

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Christmas already?!

yep, i’m already thinking about christmas. i generally start thinking about gifts around december 20th, but not this year! seeing as my munchkin should in theory make his debut december 30th, i’d rather get everything taken care of earlier for once. i knit this necklace …

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Make your own hair elastics

ok, so i admit that i didn’t come up with this idea. i bought two pairs from a couple of girls who sold towels and other sewn things made from organic fabrics at the ragnatela market where i used to exhibit my things until i …

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