Welcome to the new Cucicucicoo for 2021!

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Guys, I know I’ve been away from the blog for a while, but I’ll explain in a moment. Because I just can’t wait to show you the brand new Cucicucicoo for 2021!

Take a tour of the brand new Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting for 2021! The new blog and pattern shop are now more simple, sleeker, faster and- best of all- glitch-free! #sewing #repurposing

Quite a few people had written to me about glitches and errors that had been happening. Some of them over the summer were related to my old Newsletter provider (which I have since changed, eliminating newsletter-related glitches), and others were more recent, in November and December 2020.

It took me a long time to get the errors sorted out for three reasons:

  • websites are complicated things. Mine had accumulated a number of little errors that were difficult to set straight, in part because some of them interfered with others,
  • to get my site up to date, I had to change my theme (that is, the structure and layout), and my technician and I wasted a whole month trying to get a theme working that just wasn’t compatible with some components of the website, so we had to start from scratch again, and
  • I spent the month of December in bed with a terrifyingly painful backache. Long story short, multiple angiomas and hernias pressing on my nerves also led to terrifyingly painful legs, and I could barely move. Sitting was the worst position of all, which meant that all the remote teaching that I had to do was done with me flat on my back in bed with my webcam off (to avoid my teenaged students from seeing their teacher in a very unflattering and unprofessional way). Therefore blog work was kept to a minimum.

(Thankfully I’m much better now, though I still have back pain. I am doing physical therapy and am optimistic that I will better than before soon enough!)

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Anyway, Cucicucicoo has finally been updated, cleaned up and fixed up, and I’m so, SO thankful to have it working correctly again!

I have done away with a lot of little extras in order to keep the website as simple and fast-loading as possible. But there’s still the same great content!

Cucicucicoo blog

The latest blog posts now show up directly on the homepage. However, you can also click “Blog” (red arrow below) at the very top of any page to go to a special page where you can either browse by category or read the posts in order.

The brand new Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting for 2021! Check out the blog categories, with tutorials, sewing, crafting and natural living!  #sewing #repurposing

An alternative is to hover over “Blog” (that means to move your cursor over the word without clicking), and you’ll see a little menu come down with the four main categories of Cucicucicoo:

Click any of those categories and you’ll go to a special page where you can either choose a subcategory or browse and read all the posts of that category.

Cucicucicoo Patterns shop

Let’s not forget the Cucicucicoo Patterns shop, where you will find great sewing patterns made specifically for ladies who love sewing AND helping the environment! Cucicucicoo Patterns have easy-to-follow instructions just like all tutorials on the Cucicucicoo blog, and they incorporate repurposing and/or reusing in their very designs and concepts!

The Cucicucicoo Patterns shop is a great place to find eco-friendly sewing patterns! You can download the files right after purchase so you can start sewing right away! (Who doesn’t love instant gratification?!) #sewingpatterns #pdfpatterns

There are three ways to find the best pattern for your needs:

  • scroll down the shop homepage (red arrow)
  • insert a word or two in the search bar (blue arrow)
  • browse a category of patterns (black arrow)

Well, that’s about it! I told you it was pretty simple! And I am so pleased with the new minimal design and also with how much faster the website loads!

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Take a tour of the brand new Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing and Crafting for 2021! The new blog and pattern shop are now more simple, sleeker, faster and- best of all- glitch-free! #sewing #repurposing

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    • Thanks for stopping by to check it out, Mea! I am already a lot better, thankfully, and so I can sit up and go out and do most of my day-to-day life. But I’m super careful about the movements I make and am doing physical therapy. Thanks for your support! ❤

  1. Oh, websites are a pain, but once you’ve got through all the work it’s worth the effort!
    So sorry to hear about your back. Hope it gets much better. I can’t imagine doing classes on your back.

    • I know you understand the pain of new websites, Agy! You even did a whole rebranding, which must’ve been bonkers! And yes, teaching on my back wasn’t an experience I want to repeat any time soon!!

  2. I have been trying to sign up for your newsletter. I get the confirmation email but have not received the welcome email. I have checked my spam folder, but it is not there either. I was hoping someone could help me.


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