12 DIY Christmas Stocking Sewing Tutorials

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One of the most beloved holiday traditions is the Christmas stocking. Kids love waking up early on December 25th to discover what is waiting inside their stocking, and adults often remember those moments, as well as their childhood stocking, fondly. Make your loved ones’ future memories even more special by following one of these DIY Christmas stocking sewing tutorials!

Show some homemade holiday cheer this year with these 12 DIY Christmas stocking sewing tutorials! There are stockings to hang and fill, and smaller ones to decorate your home! #diystocking #stockingtutorial

Today I have for you a collection of 12 special DIY Christmas stocking sewing tutorials, each with a free sewing pattern, made from repurposed and/or scrap fabric. Each one has a totally unique style. Which one fits you best?

I’ve split the tutorials into full-size stockings to be hung up and filled, as well as mini stockings used as ornaments or decorations of different types. Christmas is creeping up, so let’s get started!

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Full-size DIY Christmas stockings

Ice Skate Stocking pattern

If you love a romantic ice skating Christmas, a là Little Women, you’ll love these DIY ice skate stockings by Sew Simple Home! A great variation on the classic stocking!

Repurposed denim Christmas stocking with sashiko embroidery

I love the combination of repurposed denim with festive red fabric, but Vicky Myers Creations made this Christmas stocking even more beautiful with sashiko hand stitching and a handmade tassel!

Quilted Christmas stocking tutorial and sewing pattern

We all have lots of scrap fabric, so choose your favorite festive color combos and make one (or three!) of these cute quilted Christmas stockings! Life Sew Savory has a free pattern and walks you through the quilting.

Diy Christmas stocking with an upcycled stuffed animal

If you have kids and too many stuffed animals in your home, try your hand at this DIY version of a Pottery Barn stocking. Swoodson Says shows how to cut a stuffed animal in half (ouch!) and sew it as part of a DIY Christmas stocking for kids!

Sew this DIY felted wool sweater stocking pattern with embroidered snowflakes. These beautiful handmade stockings can be sewn by hand or machine! #diystocking #stockingpattern

Do some more repurposing with my own felted wool sweater Christmas stocking. The embroidered snowflakes and starts stand out beautifully on the thick felted wool!

Extra large DIY Christmas stocking to hang from the door

When I was little I envied my best friend’s family’s massive stockings. After all, to a kid, the bigger, the better! This extra large Christmas stocking by Orange Bettie is actually meant to fill with greens or other decorative items and hang on the door, but I could totally see myself using this to fill with gifts, too!

DIY sweater stocking tutorial

You might’ve seen sweater stockings with trim at Anthropologie, but you can make your own with repurposed sweaters! Heather Handmade shows how to make DIY sweater stockings with a lining and fun trim!

Mini DIY Christmas stockings

Colorful mini stockings to hang from the tree or on a garland

If you already have stockings to hang up for everyone in the family, stitch up these adorable mini stockings! Hang them on the tree or make a garland from them! Free pattern by AppleGreen Cottage.

Small Christmas stockings for giving money and gift cards

How about some mini stockings that can actually be filled up with mini-gifts? Hang up these small Christmas stockings on the tree and fill them with money, gift cards, or other small gifts! Tutorial and pattern by Phat Quarters.

DIY Christmas stocking advent calendar

A fun way to use mini stockings is to turn them into a DIY Christmas stocking advent calendar! I can imagine how fun it is for kids to peek inside each day’s stocking to find a candy or fun activity to do! Get the tutorial and pattern from My Sew Bliss.

Mini Christmas stockings to sew with kids

I feel strongly about my kids making something to give to others at Christmas, and Sisters, What! shows how to sew mini stockings with kids. There are even some cute printable cards to insert for acts of kindness. That is what Christmas spirit is all about!

Free sewing pattern for mini Christmas stockings

More adorable mini Christmas stockings, this time by Sew Can She. I love the appliqued heel and toe patches, as well as the squishy fabric at the top!

Which one is your favorite DIY Christmas stocking sewing tutorial? It’s hard to choose!

Skip the junk food and toys this year with this list of the best stocking stuffers for crafty kids to stimulate their creativity and manual skills. #stockingstuffers #christmasstocking

And because I know how hard it can be to think of good and wholesome things to put in your children’s stockings, I’ve compiled the ULTIMATE list of the 42 best stocking stuffers for crafty kids! I have been filling my kids’ stockings with these awesome creative supplies for years!

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Show some homemade holiday cheer this year with these 12 DIY Christmas stocking sewing tutorials! There are stockings to hang and fill, and smaller ones to decorate your home! #diystocking #stockingtutorial

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