60 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens and Kids in 2019


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Halloween is a lot of people’s favorite holiday because 1) it’s super fun, 2) it lets you act crazy and 3) you can go wild with your creativity, even if you aren’t a crafty person. Which is why today I’m sharing with you 60 of the best easy DIY Halloween costumes for teens and kids!

Embrace a handmade lifestyle and have fun with these 60 easy DIY Halloween costumes for teens and kids. Some require basic sewing skills, others just glue skills! Your children of any age will love these simple handmade costumes! #diyhalloweencostumes #handmadehalloweencostumes

Some of these are sewn costumes, but a lot of them are no-sew and just require glue or paint!

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If you’ve always just bought a Halloween costume for you and your family, trust me, you are missing out! Half of the fun of Halloween is coming up with a cool idea and figuring out how to create it.

10 reasons why you should make your own costume instead of buying one: lessons learned from my mother. #diycostumes #handmadecostumes

To show you how strongly I feel about this, read these 10 reasons to make your own costume on Halloween. When I grew up with a limited amount of money, my family’s handmade costumes taught me 10 life lessons that I’ve carried with me ever since. (Oh, and you can see a bunch of hilarious pictures of me growing up in the 80s!)

So, are you ready to get inspired?! I know that this list of tutorials for easy DIY Halloween costumes for teens and kids will get your creative juices flowing!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens and Kids in 2019

To help you find exactly what you’re looking for, I’ve split up these handmade costume tutorials. Click on any of the categories below to hop right on over!

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Classic DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Bat Costume

Photo Credit: www.5minutesformom.com

This DIY bat costume is really easy to make and is perfect for teenagers (or really any age).

How to Make a Mummy Costume

Photo Credit: www.polkadotchair.com

These DIY mummy costumes can be totally no-sew and are perfect for any age, and for boys AND girls!

How to Sew a Witch Cape with a Rectangle of Fabric in 1 Hour

Can't get much easier than this! From a simple rectangle of fabric and a ribbon, it'll only take your about one hour to sew this witch cape!

How to Make a Vampire Cape with a Stand Up Collar

This vampire cape has a rigid stand up collar, but you don't have to use it only for Dracula. Why not wear it as a witch, wizard or warlock?

DIY Ghost Costume

Photo Credit: www.heatherhandmade.com

This is one creepy ghost, but what I love most is that this DIY ghost costume is made from a repurposed curtain!

DIY Easy Ghost Costume for Teens

Photo Credit: www.heatherhandmade.com

Once again, this ghost costume is made from chiffon curtains, but has a simple drawstring around the neck. A perfect costume for teens to make themselves!

Diy Pirate Costume - Free Pattern

Photo Credit: www.applegreencottage.com

All you need is some black felt, a snap, and this free pattern, and it'll be a snap to sew up this DIY pirate costume!

Easy DIY Pirate Costume

Photo Credit: www.heatherhandmade.com

This easy DIY pirate costume also has a free pattern, but is quite different from the one before. How fun is that beard? And how about the belt with the sword holder?

Easy DIY Knight Costume (No-Sew Tutorial)

Photo Credit: www.applegreencottage.com

If you don't like or want to sew, this easy DIY knight costume is a no-sew project! There's even a free template for the cool knight emblem!

No Sew Knight Costume DIY Tutorial

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

Here's another no sew knight costume, but this one uses a specialty faux-metal fabric for a really special look.

Make a Homemade Witch Costume

Photo Credit: www.sewsimplehome.com

This is one fancy homemade witch costume, but it actually requires very little sewing. I love the matching hat and broom and the creative use of iron-on vinyl!

Easy & Adorable DIY Scarecrow Costume

Photo Credit: www.wherethesmileshavebeen.com

Can you believe it that this DIY scarecrow costume is no-sew? Just glue all the parts together and you're done!

DIY Character Halloween Costumes

NO-Sew Wonder Woman Costume {DIY}

Photo Credit: sevenclowncircus.com

Can you believe that this Wonder Woman costume is no-sew? As in, no sewing required? I looove this DIY costume for a teenage girl.

Harry Potter Robe Pattern Free (DIY)

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

We're all into Harry Potter in our home, and this free pattern for a Hogwarts robe is fabulous! I love the details of the pointed cuffs and colored facing!

Easy DIY Little Witch Hermione Toddler Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: www.sisterswhat.com

If your child is little and can't wear a full-out Hogwarts robe, try this easy Hermione costume! I love that little Gryffindor tie!

Harry Potter DIY Luna Lovegood Costume

Photo Credit: www.frugalfamilytimes.com

Who loves Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series? This tutorial has a lot of great downloads and ideas for the perfect DIY Luna Lovegood costume!

DIY Dobby the House Elf baby costume, a Harry Potter Costume

Photo Credit: www.sisterswhat.com

Don't leave baby out of your Harry Potter themed Halloween! How cute is this simple DIY Dobby house elf costume?

Toddler Hogwarts Express Train Engineer Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: www.sisterswhat.com

I've seen costumes of most Harry Potter characters, but I never would have thought of creating a Hogwarts Express Train costume! How funny is this? The train is made from a cardboard box.

No-Sew Prince Charming Costume

Photo Credit: desertchica.com

Can you believe that this DIY Prince Charming costume required NO sewing at all? Just lots of hot glue! Amazing!

DIY Miraculous Ladybug Costume With Reversible Mask

Photo Credit: chickenscratchny.com

My daughter looooves the Miraculous series and she made herself a costume similar to this last year. I love the idea of a reversible Ladybug and Chat Noir mask.

Despicable Me costumes: make a DIY Stuart Minion costume

Love the Despicable Me series? This Minion costume is so easy to sew from refashioned clothing!

Despicable Me costumes: Lucy Wilde's wig and accessories

Straight from Despicable Me 2 and 3, create a wig for Lucy Wilde's cool orange hairdo, as well as her cool accessories!

Princess Leia Hair Tutorial

Photo Credit: mesewcrazy.com

Princess Leia is my favorite Star Wars character. I love how strong and spunky she is. And how awesome her hair and dress are. Here's a great trick for Princess Leia's iconic hair buns, and there's also a link for making a simple version of her dress.

Costuming a Jawa from Star Wars

Photo Credit: redshoesredwine.com

Some characters seem too difficult to recreate, but check out this incredible Jawa mask with glowing eyes! Perfect for Star Wars fans!

How to sew a Chewbacca Costume

Photo Credit: www.sisterswhat.com

Sticking on a Star Wars theme, what about Chewy?! Again, this would've seemed to hard to attempt, yet this tutorial on sewing a Chewbacca costume shows that it isn't so hard after all!

Where's Waldo Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: maddieandashleybeauty.blogspot.com

I used to love the Where's Waldo books. This Where's Waldo Halloween costume is really easy to put together with regular items. I love the trick to make the stripes on the shirt with duct tape!

How to... Make an (Upcycled) Batman Costume

Photo Credit: www.redtedart.com

You don't have to spend a lot to make your own DIY Halloween costume for your kids. This upcycled Batman costume was made from an old pair of trousers!

DIY Peter Pan's Shadow Costume

Photo Credit: tikkido.com

There are all sorts of easy DIY Peter Pan costumes, but I'd never seen a DIY Peter Pan's SHADOW costume! This is such a good idea and actually very simple to make!

Make your own no-sew Cowboy Woody vest with this tutorial

Photo Credit: desertchica.com

If you can find some cow printed fabric, this cowboy Woody costume will be a cinch! An easy no-sew Toy Story costume!

DIY Gabby Gabby Costume

Photo Credit: www.heatherhandmade.com

Toy Story 4 fans! This DIY Gabby Gabby costume could hardly be easier, with small touches made on a yellow dress!

Toy Story Forky Costume - 4 Different Ways

Photo Credit: desertchica.com

Another Toy Story 4 costume, I love how this tutorial shows four different ways to recreate the Forky look.

How to Make a Paw Patrol Ryder Costume

Photo Credit: diydanielle.com

Alter any vest sewing pattern to color-block it, and add a patch, and you've got yourself a very simple Ryder costume for your Paw Patrol fan!

Trolls Princess Poppy Costume

Photo Credit: www.sisterswhat.com

Trolls is such a fun movie with such a great message. Show your happiness and sing with this Princess Poppy costume!

How To Make… Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume

Photo Credit: www.boorooandtiggertoo.com

For all you Dr. Seuss fans out there, becoming Thing 1 and Thing 2 is incredibly simple with some fabric paint!

Easy Dr. Seuss Costume – The Sneetches

Photo Credit: organized31.com

And here's another really simple Dr. Seuss costume. The Sneetches costume basically only require a yellow T-shirt with white collar and a green star!

DIY: Raven Teen Titans Cosplay

Photo Credit: mypoppet.com.au

I love how Raven from Teen Titans Go! looks so tough and without emotions on the outside, but on the inside is just a regular teenage demon. What do I like most about this DIY Raven costume? The glued jewel belt and other accessories.

Homemade Fortnite Costume Idea

Photo Credit: desertchica.com

I love how it really only took duct tape to turn a black jumpsuit and coveralls into a homemade Fortnite costume.

Best Aladdin Costume DIY (Free Vest Pattern)

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

Aladdin is another character that really doesn't take much to recreate. This vest pattern is perfect for an Aladdin costume.

Unique DIY Halloween Costumes

Adorable No Sew Butterfly Costume

Photo Credit: brendid.com

Can you believe that this gorgeous butterfly costume is no sew? Those wings are made from glued felt!

DIY Rainbow Costume for Kids

Photo Credit: littleredwindow.com

Gahhh, how adorable and unique is this? Just paint a white shirt and make that sweet tulle skirt, and you've made a fabulous DIY rainbow costume!

Field of Flowers costume for kids & adults

This DIY field of flowers costume is really easy to make for any age or size. There are three components that you can mix and match between flowered poncho, leaf neckpiece and big flower hat!

DIY- UNO Costume

Photo Credit: suburbanwifecitylife.com

Get out! DIY UNO costumes for the whole family?! These are hilarious!

Easy Donut Costume DIY (Free Pattern)

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

You only need basic sewing skills for this funny and easy donut costume. You could even dress up as a group as different flavors!

DIY Poseidon Costume

Photo Credit: sweettmakesthree.com

This DIY Poseidon Costume has so many simple details that look so great! Like the glitter glue scales on the T-shirt and the toilet paper roll golden cuffs!

DIY Bumble Bee Costume

Photo Credit: www.sewwhatalicia.com

A fun twist on the classic tutu skirt, and you've got a fun DIY bumble bee costume!

DIY Gumball Machine Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: mylifeandkids.com

All it takes is a whole bunch of colorful pompoms and a glue gun, and you're ready to rock a DIY gumball machine costume! I like the touch of the tulle skirt, too.

Baby Shark Song Costume - DIY Family Halloween Costumes

Photo Credit: www.shrimpsaladcircus.com

I'll be honest; I truly cannot stand that Baby Shark song, but these Baby (and Mommy and Daddy) Shark costumes are pretty darn cute and really easy to make with grey sweatsuits!

DIY Emoji Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: www.costume-works.com

Can you believe that simple Emoji costumes like these can cost $15-30? These easy emoji costumes were made with cardboard!

DIY Picnic Blanket Costume

Photo Credit: suburbanwifecitylife.com

This DIY picnic blanket costume made me laugh out loud! You can't get much easier than cutting a neck hole in a table cloth and glueing paper plates and other food items to it!

DIY Sophie the Giraffe Baby Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: www.shrimpsaladcircus.com

My daughter Sofia had a Sophie the Giraffe toy when she was a baby that she just loved, which is why this DIY Sophie the Giraffe Baby costume really caught my eye.

DIY Halloween Costume Accessories

Yarn Wigs

Photo Credit: www.madeeveryday.com

These DIY yarn wigs are amazing, and here there are 4 totally different styles that are all very versatile!

Incredibles Free Printable Superhero Masks

Photo Credit: www.papertraildesign.com

Even if you aren't crafty, you can definitely make these easy superhero masks. Just print them on cardstock at home and cut them out.

Easy Men's Halloween Costume: DIY Bat Bow Tie

Photo Credit: www.thecraftygentleman.net

How about a little elegance this Halloween with this very fancy, but very easy, DIY bat bowtie?

Basketball Team Halloween Costume

Photo Credit: diydanielle.com

This is a perfect super easy family costume! Add some details to a sweatsuit you have, plus a few extra accessories, and your family has become a basketball team!

Big Troll Hair DIY - Easy to Make Costume Piece!

Photo Credit: www.fleecefun.com

How hilarious is this huuuuuge troll hair wig? This would be so fun to use with a troll costume, or just on its own.

Easy Superhero Cape Pattern

Photo Credit: crazylittleprojects.com

What an easy superhero cape. Add your favorite superhero's symbol on the back, or make up your own!

Felt Sheriff Badge and Belt Buckle {Tutorial + Free Pattern}

Photo Credit: www.feltwithlovedesigns.com

Both kids and grownups love dressing up as law enforcers, and sometimes all it takes is a little detail, like this easy felt sheriff badge and belt buckle.

How to Make a Tutu Skirt

Photo Credit: www.sewwhatalicia.com

Every gal needs a fun and twirly tutu skirt! What I love about this one is that it layers different shades of blue. Oh, and check out that cool fascinator! (Don't know what that is? Neither did I! Read to find out!)

How to Make a Cowboy Hat

Photo Credit: www.sewsimplehome.com

Want to be a classic western cowboy? Or a Toy Story cowboy? Or an Indian in the Cupboard cowboy? This cowboy hat tutorial to be made from foam is perfect for you!

DIY Felt Bat Mask {Tutorial + Free Pattern}

Photo Credit: www.feltwithlovedesigns.com

Masks are an easy way to dress up... without getting dressed up. This DIY felt bat mask (with free pattern) is perfect for any age.

So? Which ones of these easy DIY Halloween costumes for teens and kids are your favorites? Which ones could you imagine your children or grandchildren wearing?

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Embrace a handmade lifestyle and have fun with these 60 easy DIY Halloween costumes for teens and kids. Some require basic sewing skills, others just glue skills! Your children of any age will love these simple handmade costumes! #diyhalloweencostumes #handmadehalloweencostumes


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