DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial…WITH BOX!


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DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial... with a printable box!

A couple of months ago, I wrote on my Facebook page that I was working on a project that just made me laugh… over and over again, the whole time I was making it. I’m certainly not the first person to make felt bowtie pasta (farfalle, in Italian), but throw in an authentic-looking pasta box, complete with a see-through window, and I promise that you will be smiling, too!

DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial... with a printable box!

I think we can all agree that felt food is pretty fun, but it’s not always beginner-friendly. But you can’t get much easier than this butterfly pasta. And it’s hand-sewn, so no sewing machine necessary! It’s perfect for little hands to play with…

DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial... with a printable box!

…but still looks incredibly realistic! Just yesterday, my daughter fooled a couple of friends with this, and they couldn’t believe that it wasn’t real pasta!

DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial... with a printable box!

You can sew up the pasta while watching TV because it takes minimal attention, and print out the adorable little boxes (available in two sizes). Wouldn’t this make a great gift? I’m currently working on making more of these to give to the little ones of friends and family.

I’m super excited that this project is being hosted by the incredible sewing website, Sew Mama Sew, following a wonderful series on sewing softies (a.k.a. stuffed toys) and another adorable felt food tutorial! So head on over to Sew Mama Sew for the DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial… AND the downloadable Cucicucicoo Pasta box!


  1. Oh, my goodness – I can’t believe how realistic they look! And the box, too- what a fabulous extra touch! My boys would have loved this when they were little!

  2. Very cute. My girls are too old to play kitchens now, but I thought a chang of colour, a hair clip, perhaps some glitter or beads (for youngest one) and hey presto Home Made Hair Dressing!!

  3. Lisa, troppo carine queste farfalle! Complimenti per l’idea; come forse sai,se hai visto il mio blog, sono un’appassionata del pannolenci per la sua praticità, e questa creazione è davvero realistica. Brava!

  4. Nooooh! La pasta in pannolenci!!! Non me la far vedere a mezzogiorno!!! ;_;
    Maledizione, poi è uguale-uguale a quella originale!!! Stesso colore e stessa porosità (perché la pasta come si deve ha una lieve porosità sulla superficie).
    Ok, magari è meglio se vado in pausa pranzo…

    • Ahaha! Hai mangiato un po’ di pasta nella pausa pranzo, Alessandra? 😉 Sì, infatti la pasta buona ha quella porosità, e quel pannolenci rende molto bene l’idea! Purtroppo non l’ho più trovato uguale a questo qui, e quello che ho comprato in una seconda volta è meno realistico. Pazienza!


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