Ball & Chain: a free crochet necklace pattern


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Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

Last fall I posted this picture on Instagram. What was it? My very first crochet pattern, which I’m now ready to share with you!

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

Here it is: the Ball & Chain crochet necklace pattern!

(Suggested musical accompaniment: They Might Be Giants’ song “Lucky Ball and Chain”)

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

I’m a beginner crocheter and knitter, so it’s a pretty simple pattern, made up of linked modules of one stuffed ball and a chain of variable length. You can choose how long the chains should be, and also how many modules to make, making all sorts of possible lengths and looks. Above you can see the three necklaces I’ve made with this pattern.  Being made with cotton yarn, it’s a nice and light spring or summer accessory!

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

The balls are all the same size, but the chain length between balls varies from necklace to necklace.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

The first chain ends in a loop, which gets hooked over the last ball for a super easy closure.

Click here to download the printable pattern (and like it on Ravelry) then read on to find out more about this necklace.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

I used Alessandra Filati’s Lupo di Mare cotton yarn with a 3 mm hook (size 11 UK or D/3 USA), instead of the 4 mm hook recommended for this yarn. Gauge is approximately 14 rows of 11 single crochet stitches for a 2 x 2″ (5 x 5 cm) sample.

The first one that I made was this blue one. Partway through the necklace, I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn in this color to continue with the current chain length, so I made the later chains longer. It can be looped around the neck either three (left) or four (right) times.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

For my next version, the green one, I decided to try longer chains between balls, which makes the work go a lot faster.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

The chains get a bit wavy that way, but I’ll bet you could iron them.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

My favorite is the final version (pink), with just one loop of balls that are relatively close together. It reminds me of a sort of casual string of pearls. This is also the easiest one to put on, as you don’t have to worry about looping around the necklace and arranging the balls so that they don’t all end up in the same position.

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

Something I really like about this project is that it’s very portable. Over the past 6 months or so, I’d keep my yarn, hook, scissors and a little baggie of batting in a small fabric bag that I could just grab whenever I was going out the door, so I could work on it whenever I’d get a free moment. For example, the first picture of this post was taken while I was waiting for my daughter at her painting lesson and this picture above was when we went for a weekend away in the Cilento last fall. (You can see a picture of us working on our DIY letter magnets at the very same table at the B&B La luna nella mano, and the same wall is a backdrop for my DIY Beach Umbrella Carry Bag tutorial, too.)

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

Oh, and another great thing about this necklace? It’s perfect for kids to wear, too! I rewarded my sweet little photographer with a necklace after she took all the pictures of me modelling the necklaces (isn’t she great at taking pictures?), and she was pretty happy with it!

I’d love to see your Ball & Chain necklaces! If you haven’t yet, download the printable pattern, then share some pictures on Ravelry, Flickr or Facebook!

Oh, and by the way, there’s an interview with me today at the Italian crochet and knit website All’Uncinetto, so take a peek at it! 🙂


    • Grazie, Ste! Be’, diciamo che so fare un *pochino*! Poi quando mi vedo con amiche che sanno fare meglio di me, le faccio mille domande! La bella stagione arriverà, arriverà! I cambiamenti climatici fin’ora mi rendono MOLTO felice! 🙂

  1. ciao! mi piace tantissimo la tua collana ball and chain, ma non capisco bene una cosa del pattern: devo preparare prima i moduli e poi unirli? oppure si lavorano le palline via via che si va? spero che tu mi risponda presto perchè vorrei fare una collana da regalare ad una mia amica che compie gli anni a fine mese…pensavo di fare tre fili, uno beige, uno blu ed uno verde brillante ed unirli!
    grazie mille e complimenti

    • Ottima idea, Federica, di unire tre fili di colori diversi! Immagino che avrai già scaricato il file. Si uniscono i moduli man mano. Si inizia con la pallina, poi la catenella. Si attacca la catenella all’ultima pallina, e poi si ritorano indietro lungo la catenella. Poi si ricomincia da capo con una nuova pallina. Così è chiaro? Fammi sapere e aspetto foto della tua collana! 🙂

  2. Nice to show this pattern as a necklace.
    I’ve made this pattern as earring hoops
    Using wire to keep it’s hoop shape..
    I made bracelets by modifying it a
    Little ☺ Love the possibilities of this
    Pattern. Thanks for sharing


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