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Free PDF sewing pattern diagram |

Yes, I’ve been missing more than usual from this dear-to-me blog but, as I’ve already briefly explained on Facebook, it’s because I’ve been working on some pretty cool things. And what will be the most interesting to you is that one of these pretty cool things is a pretty cool sewing pattern that I’ll be giving to all Cucicucicoo readers for FREE! Yes, a downloadable, printable-at-home PDF sewing pattern with professional line drawings for each and every step.

Yeah, see that drawing up above there? There are 36 diagrams along those lines in this pattern. What in the world is that, you ask? Ah, I know, it does look pretty bizarre and incomprehensible but trust me, it will make sense when put in the context of the whole pattern. (And I will add, it took me about an hour to make just this one stinking drawing. Illustrator was giving me a hard time and I was quite honestly contemplating giving up on the line drawings and just taking photographs like I do on my blog tutorials, but thankfully I stuck with it and made it through.)

What pattern do you think it is? Make a guess, but I’m not telling just yet! All I’m telling just now is that it’s eco-friendly, upcycling something that you probably all have, and that the final product is something incredibly useful for both sexes and all ages. If you want a sneak peek, sign up to become a Cucicucicoo pattern tester and perhaps you’ll be selected to test the pattern before it’s available to the general public!

Verona Tessile 2015 Concorso

Guess what else? I’m also embarking on something somewhat new to me: patchwork. I’ve been invited to participate in Verona Tessile’s annual exhibition and quilting competition. There have been some truly amazing works in past years of this event (just take a look at the Verona Tessile website) and, while I’m sure I won’t be able to come up with anything quite that intricate, I will do my best. Something that I love about this competition is that participants are free to use pretty much any technique that they want, so I’ll most likely go overboard with various types of appliqué, which is one of my favorite techniques.

This year’s theme is “Colori diVini,” which is a play on words meaning “Divine colors” or “Colors of wine.” Therefore all works must be along the lines of this theme, of the colors, shapes, etc. of wine, grapes or anything having to do with wine. The exhibition will take place in various spots around the city of Verona (of Romeo and Juliet fame) from May 19-24, 2015. I’ve heard that the quilts hung up throughout the historical center is quite suggestive and I’m really looking forward to seeing them all in such a setting.

Verona Tessile 2015 Concorso
Would you like to enter this international competition, too? You have until February 28, 2015 to enter. You can read all the details and download the application form here. Also be sure to like Verona Tessile’s Facebook page for all updates. I’m so curious to see how everyone (including myself!) will interpret the theme with fabric!


Question of the day: Speaking of exhibitions, did any of you go to the Abilmente creative fair in Vicenza this past weekend or is anyone going to Abilmente in Rome in November?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go to Vicenza, but I will be going to the fair Rome and I’m so excited! I’m still not sure which day I’ll be going, though, so if you’ll be there, too, let me know and hopefully we can meet up! 🙂

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