Become a Cucicucicoo Pattern Tester!

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If you love the sewing projects on Cucicucicoo: Eco Sewing & Crafting, you’ll love the sewing patterns at Cucicucicoo Patterns even more! And now you can become part of the pattern design process by becoming a Cucicucicoo pattern tester!

Become a Cucicucicoo Pattern Tester!

How does it work?

When I have a pattern as perfect as I can get it on my own, I will send an email to the tester’s mailing list with all the information about the pattern, including sizes, materials needed and the time frame within which I’ll need my testers’ feedback. Anyone who is interested fills out an online form and I choose a limited number of people to test the pattern.

I usually create a hidden Facebook group to better share information about the testing, but it’s not necessary to join it. When testers are finished sewing the pattern, they fill out a feedback form and send me a few pictures of the finished item. This way I can make any adjustments necessary to the pattern and/or instructions.

Around the time of pattern publication, I may organize a pattern tour for fellow bloggers. At the end of the process, I send the final pattern version to all testers who sent me feedback on it, plus an extra freebie from the pattern shop, just to say thank you!

There’s no need to apply for every pattern, just the ones that you are interested in and think that you will be able to fit into your schedule.

By signing up, you are NOT committing to testing patterns. You will simply be notified when there’s a new opportunity to test a sewing pattern.

Sign up as a pattern tester!

I’d love for you to become a part of my pattern creation process! Do you think you would, too? Then fill out the form below to join the tester’s mailing list! (Click here if you’d prefer being an Italian language tester!)


I’m so looking forward to working with you! 🙂

53 thoughts on “Become a Cucicucicoo Pattern Tester!”

    • Ah, good point, Sheila. I forgot to mention that in this post! My first patterns are going to be mostly the products that I’ve sold up til now, washable cloth products (such as menstrual pads, my most popular items), and once I’ve finished getting those out and ready I’ll work on clothing (mostly women and kids, though I’d love to do some men’s items, too), household items, toys. No quilts in the works because I don’t know the first thing about quilts! In any case, I will give full information about the project each time I have one ready for testing so that everyone can decide if it’s a good fit for her or not.


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