Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)


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Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)

Is your part of the world suffering from un-May-like dreary weather? Clouds, rain, wind? What we all need is a nice cheery rainbow of colors to perk us all up! The other day, inspired by the crummy weather, I posted the picture above on my Facebook page. Pretty, yes, but what is it?

Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)

These easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces! Such happy colors!

Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)

I’ve mentioned these necklaces quite a few times, but have only posted a picture of the first one I knit a few years ago. The pattern is from 101 Designer Yarn Stash Wonders* and is actually surprisingly easy and fast to knit up. When I made my first one, I only knew how to knit and purl rectangles but I had no problems with this pattern at all.

Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)

Since then, I’ve made a bunch of them to give away as gifts. I prefer shorter necklaces, so I’ve changed to slightly smaller needles to make the knitting more compact and the necklace a bit shorter. I love the effect of the matching or contrasting bead colors. So pretty. Depending on the colors chosen or type of beads (I used glass beads, but I bet that wooden beads would look gorgeous), you can make these to fit any sort of personality. They can be bright and cheery, as I made them, or more muted and serious. And they look like so much more work to make than they really are.

Easy knit rainbow beaded necklaces (beginner knitting)

I won’t be giving instructions on how to make these because you can find them in this book*, which has lots of other great projects, too, even for beginning knitting!

Question of the day: Do you prefer wearing bright or muted colors?

I like both bright and muted/dark colors, though never bright to the point of flourescent. But even when I’m wearing mostly black or other dark or muted colors, I generally like to add a pop of bright color somehow with accessories.

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  1. STREPITOSE!!!!!!!!!!
    A me piacciono molto gli accessori e in genere amo vestirmi con monocolore proprio per farli risaltare! Queste starebbero benissimo su tutti miei tubini estivi (nero-rosso-bianco) BRAVA!!!


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