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Hello there! I’ve been a bit less active on the blog these days but actually more active behind the scenes. I wanted to give you guys a little heads up about some new things going on here at Cucicucicoo.

behind the scenes
Totally random non-blog-related behind the scenes photo, taken at Miseno beach.

First off, as you may have noticed in the title of this post, I will soon start asking around for testers. Why is this? I’ve decided to stop hoarding my cloth pad and other cloth product knowledge that I’ve accrued over the years that I’ve been making them and to share the joy. Yes, I am preparing PDF patterns for all of my products to put on sale (update: here is my Cucicucicoo pattern shop, which also has clothing patterns!).

It’s a long process because I am including a ridiculous amount of information in the files regarding materials, techniques and variations. So, one pattern at a time, I will ask around for some people to test them out, just to make sure that they are easy to understand. (Click here to find out more about testing Cucicucicoo Patterns!)

But you don’t sew? Don’t worry, you could get some goodies anyway if you choose to be a product tester! For example, I’ve had to change some of my cloth diaper sizes, so I’m still fiddling with them to make sure that they’re just right before publishing a pattern for them. But I also have some other non-cloth-washable products in the works which I will want to test before putting together the official pattern.

Are you interested in getting some free Cucicucicoo patterns or products? Well then, stay tuned and, to avoid missing out, make sure that you’ve subscribed to the Cucicucicoo Newsletter and follow me on Facebook!

Next bit of news. You know all those blogs and websites with ugly advertising all over the screen, at times covering or interrupting content? Annoying, right? However, believe it or not, running a blog or website like this one costs money and also take a TON of time (especially if you’re translating everything into another language, too). I’ve been publishing free tutorials, advice and other content for five years now without making a cent from it. I love doing it, but this is time that I spend *not* working outside the home to earn money or *not* with my family. I have no intention of ever getting rich from this type of activity, but I do need to pay the bills. I’ve debated different ways of doing this with this blog and I really don’t want to have a space that is overrun by annoying 3rd party advertising.

So I’ve finally decided that I will, at least for now, implement affiliate and sponsor programs. What does that mean? Affiliates are collaborations between a blogger (or other person communicating with others in some way) and a company in which the blogger recommends the company or product to his audience and, if someone from the audience ends up purchasing something from that company, the blogger receives a (usually small) percentage of the total price. Absolutely nothing changes for the audience member who reads or purchases. The price remains the same or perhaps even less, in the case of certain sales or discounts. But when he clicks on the affiliate link and purchases something, he’s helping out the blogger.

Affiliate links example

Now don’t think this means that I’m going to start publishing a bunch of obnoxious links to totally unrelated items. I have always linked to products, services and companies that I truly believe in, right from the start five years ago. The only difference now is that sometimes I might get a tiny amount of money if you click on it. I promise you that I would never, ever, ever link up to something that I had not used personally and found to be an excellent product. And if I link up to it, there will be a reason for it.

For example, take the tutorial on how to make a DIY Minion costume that I published recently. In one step, I suggested using a turning tool for making the straps. Sure, you could just use a safety pin (as I also wrote), but I personally chose to use this tool that I had already purchased myself because I find that it makes this step easier, especially with a stiff fabric like denim. And you can even see from the photo that I myself own it. If you click on the link, you can not only find out more about the product (useful if you’d never seen it before) but also know how to acquire it if you consider it interesting. Do you see that little asterisk (*) after the link?

Affiliate links

Well, that tells you to take a little look down at the bottom of the post, where you can find the disclaimer legally required of those using affiliate programs. This will let you know that there are one or more affiliate links in that particular article. If you don’t see that disclaimer, there aren’t any. Most articles won’t have one. If you’re interested in finding out more about my affiliate links, all you need to do is click the link there and you will be brought to my Affiliate Links page. On this page I explain why I chose to use them and I also list each company that I’ve chosen as affiliates and specify why I like it so much. As always, maximum transparency on this corner of the internet!

I am also putting together a sponsorship program, in which companies can display their banner on my sidebar or request a post written about a product of theirs, however it’s not quite ready yet. But if you are interested in becoming a sponsor (or affiliate) of Cucicucicoo, just send me an email at lisa (at) cucicucicoo (dot) com.

As if this weren’t all enough, I’m also organizing a series of guest posters (update: here is the Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewers series!) as well as a Sewing Basics teaching series (update: here is the Learn to Machine Sew course for beginners!), however I’m a little behind on those two projects. Unfortunately I’ve had some health issues which have left me with very little energy and I have had to undergo quite a few medical exams, tests and visits recently, which have cut massively into my time. Nothing too serious, but it’s been cutting into my schedule for a lot of these new adventures. But stay tuned and there will be lots of new things for you here at Cucicucicoo!

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  1. Going places with your blog! Would love to test out the pad patterns. I’ve been thinking of making some to replace my lunapads which are now eon years old! 🙂


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