Super quick DIY zipper earrings + two freebies!

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Super quick DIY zipper earrings

Last year, when my little girl was getting ready to start 1st grade, I realized that her pen/pencil/marker case from kindergarten just was too massacred to use again. I couldn’t throw it away, though, with those three cheerful bright red zippers. I removed them carefully–  well, carefully after I accidentally ruined the first zipper—and ended up with two perfectly functional zippers.

Super quick DIY zipper earringsFunctional, yes. Aesthetically pleasing, not so much. Those zippers were not only sewn in, but also glued in, so there were all these bits of paper stuck along the zippers that I couldn’t remove. Then, while fiddling with them while trying to figure out how to make this cool little container, one of the zippers slid off its teeth and I of course couldn’t get it back on. So, plan B? Make earrings out of them.

Super quick DIY zipper earrings

I bought some sterling silver earring studs on Ebay and just superglued those babies right on to the back of the zipper pull. Easy peasy!

Super quick DIY zipper earrings

These little zippers add a nice punch of color to your outfit with minimal effort…

Super quick DIY zipper earrings

…leaving you more time for the fun things in life!

Super quick DIY zipper earrings

Fun things such as creating super cool clothing from bedsheets. Yes, inexpensive thrifted sheets! I’ve already written about Sheri’s super-inspirational first refashion tutorial book, but for this weekend only her second book “Bewitched Bedsheets” is available for FREE Amazon Kindle download! (You don’t need a Kindle reader to read it.) More info here!

And remember when I unsuccessfully tried to copy Laura’s amazing Convertible Cardigan made from two scarves? I couldn’t figure out how to sew that cardigan which is just so cool, but I just found out that Laura is teaching an online course and sharing the pattern at Skillshare! The course begins September 25 and from that time on, you can access the course and materials or contact the instructor at any time you want. And guess what? If you click on this link (or the Skillshare one above), you will receive a $10 off discount from this or any other Skillshare course! So you can get the secret of this amazing cardigan and learn how to construct it with full guidance for a mere $10.

Think of all the Christmas gifts you could make from these two super deals! Don’t miss out!

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