Decorated and renewed chair

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one day last summer i walked into my daughter’s room to find her and her cousin busy coloring every inch of one of her chairs (these ones from ikea that they used to sell with this) with crayons. i stood there a moment with my jaw dropped, but then i remembered our motto, “it’s hers so she can do whatever the heck she wants with it” and i just complimented them on the nice coloring job.

the problem came up later. sitting on it, a bit of color came off on the sitter’s bum. and one time my daughter had a little accident and then sat on it, making a hideous smudge of colors on both her butt and the chair.

so i made her recolor the ruined parts as much as possible and we covered the whole chair with transparent paint. and now we have a beautiful chair and safe clothes! i’m considering forcing her to do it all over again with other furniture!

5 thoughts on “Decorated and renewed chair”

  1. hahaha!fantastica la nana!
    cielo,ma quant'è che non ti lasciavo un commento????tanto,troppo!ma non ho mai smesso di leggerti!ci sono,solo più silenziosa del solito…

  2. grazie, sono sempre molto fiera della mia piccina!
    amrita, figuriamoci, sono sorpresa che c'è ancora qualcuno che mi legge, visto che non riesco mai a trovare tempo per passare dagli altri. 🙁 speriamo che fra non tanto comincio a riprendermi la vita!! 🙂 lisa


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