Inserts for cloth pocket diapers

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these days i make two types of cloth diapers: all-in-ones (AIO) and pocket diapers. AIOs are the easiest to use because they’re the closest thing to disposables in terms of structure and use.

pocket diapers, on the other hand, are empty on the inside and need an insert to absorb all the pee. you slip this insert inside the diaper through an opening on the diaper’s back. there are quite a few nice things about this system:

  • after washing, the unfolded insert and empty diaper dry very quickly.
  • you can adjust the absorbency level simply by using 2 inserts instead of one, which can be very useful, especially at night.
  • there are only 2 cucicucicoo insert sizes for the 4 sizes of diapers so there’s no need to buy new ones for every size change. (and really, you could also just use rags, old towels, etc. already hanging around your home instead of using cucicucicoo inserts to save even more.)
  • being much less labor-intensive to create, pocket diapers and their inserts cost considerably less than AIOs.

cucicucicoo inserts are made from three different fabrics, all of them with the oeko-tex certificate and very absorbent, all three super soft and environmentally friendly: bamboo terry (45% bamboo; 45% organic cotton; 10% polyester), bamboo fleece (70% bamboo; 30% organic cotton) and hemp fleece (55% hemp; 45% organic cotton).

the two sizes are: S-M (for cucicucicoo pocket diapers sizes S and M) and L-XL (for cucicucicoo pocket diapers sizes L and XL).

how do you fold cucicucicoo inserts?

1. fold the insert two times to make a 4-layered rectangle. the long sides of the S-M insert should be folded. for the L-XL insert it doesn’t matter from which side you fold, as it is a square shape.

folding inserts_1 copia
2. open the opening on the diaper’s back and insert the rectangle all the way to the bottom. while removing your hand from inside the diaper, flatten out the insert with your hand. (despite the illustrations, it’s better if you fold the velcro on the wings down on themselves so they don’t stick to other parts of the diaper and/or insert, as you would for washing them.)
folding inserts_2 copia 3. the insert will probably still stick out a bit from the opening. therefore hold each end of the diaper with your hands and pull gently.
folding inserts_3 copia
4. still holding the diaper with your hands, stop pulling. the insert will get pulled inside correctly without any of it sticking out anymore.
folding inserts_4 copiahow do you wash cucicucicoo inserts?

it’s very simple…when the diaper is dirty, remove the insert from inside, put it wherever you put all your dirty diapers, and wash with the rest of your diapers. it couldn’t be easier! (for more detailed information on the use and washing of cloth diapers, please look here.)

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