DIY Costume with Flowers: a field of flowers

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we started talking about carnival a month ago. first my little girl wanted to be a princess, then a fairy, then hello kitty. but in the end i got a nasty tummy bug that kept me out of action for most of this past week…the week that i’d planned on making her costume. luckily, i remembered the costume that i’d sewn her two years ago. so sofia, once again, dressed up as a field of flowers, much to everyone’s happiness!

*Update: This project was such a hit that, years later, I finally created a really simple pattern for it! (With a better solution for the head opening! 😁) Check out the Field of Flowers costume for kids and adults!

Everyone loves a bright and happy homemade costume, especially if it’s covered in flowers! The new Field of Flowers costume has body, hat and neck piece in 11 sizes, so everyone in the family can dress up!

the costume wasn’t at all hard to make. i made a rectangle from green cotton (the field) with a central opening for the head to fit through.

but in order for it to fit through, the slit had to be pretty wide, so i put on a couple of tiny snaps to keep it closed when on. then i sewed on petals and centers of colored fleece. i love sewing with fleece! it’s so easy to use and it doesn’t fray, so you don’t have to bother folding over edges.

but it didn’t seem like enough. it needed a hat.

i made the head shape with three pieces of cotton. i didn’t put elastic in it, but it really could’ve used it to keep it on better. then i sewed the big petals, turned them and sewed them on top, and covered the edges with the flower center.

two years ago, my little girl was really little (18 months) and she didn’t really like wearing the “field” part of the costume. so i made some leaves to go around her neck or waist so she could be just a flower. the same cotton, sewn with batting inside to make them a bit more puffy. after turning them right side out i sewed in the veins and sewed the raw edges inside the long strip of cotton.

i’ve always liked this costume because it’s totally unique (there are really way too many princesses out there during carnival and halloween!). but another great thing is that it’s not form fitting, so you can use it more than one year! a life saver!

If you liked this DIY costume with flowers, make sure you take a look at the optimized Field of Flowers costume for kids and adults!

Dress up in the most fun and happy way with this flower costume pattern by Cucicucicoo Patterns! The Field of Flowers costume, with body, hat and leafy neck piece, has 11 sizes... perfect for kids AND adults!

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