All about washable and reusable wet bags

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What is a wet bag?

A wet bag is a washable waterproof pouch in which you can put wet or dirty clothes or objects, such as diapers, wipes, and menstrual pads, but also dirty clothes, bathing suits, and travel toiletries. It works just like a simple plastic bag, but is much nicer to look at. You can wash and reuse it, keep all sorts of things inside without their being visible, there’s no risk that it will tear open and you’ll never miss that annoying plastic bag crinkle!

The outside (1) is cotton in lovely patterns and colors with an 11cm loop (2) wide enough to hang from your wrist, a stroller handle, or bathroom hook. The inside is lined in PUL (3), a laminated solid-colored cotton or polyester. This lining is waterproof, so the outside of the bag won’t get damp. And finally a colored zipper (4) closes it up.

How do you take care of a wet bag?

Easy! If the lining gets dirty, just wipe it off with a damp sponge or hanky. It’s best to leave it open and and unfolded after use so it can get aired out and dry off properly. When a more intense washing is necessary, unzip it and wash it in the washing machine with regular clothes, up to 60°C (warm or warm/hot). As with all cucicucicoo products, it is suggested that you wash it prior to use.

What sizes do cucicucicoo wet bags come in?

There are three sizes:

Small (18cm x 16cm): When leaving home, you can put 5-6 damp wipes* inside for all your cleaning needs. Otherwise, you can fit in up to 3 menstrual pads* or 5 pantyliners (mini)*.

Medium (30cm x 26cm): Perfect for quick trips out with the baby; you can fit in 3 size S diapers or 2 of sizes M or L*, plus wipes*.

Large (35cm x 32cm): Very useful for longer trips out with the baby; you can fit in 6 size S diapers or 4 of sizes M or L*, plus wipes*.
Sono disponibili individualmente o in set con le tre misure.

They are sold both individually or in sets of three with one of each size.

For information on where to find cucicucicoo products, look here.

* calculated referring specifically to cucicucicoo products. 

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