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Cucicucicoo washable cloth products

All of the products for sale are 100% handmade by yours truly in my home. they have all been tested and perfected and we happily use them in our own household. I would never sell anything that i wouldn't use myself. Cucicucicoo products are currently for sale in my online shop at Etsy. I can also take orders with specific quantities, colors and … Read more

Tea Time with Rishi Tea

This afternoon the inevitable happened: Raffaele asked me to cut his hair. About 3 years ago he got sick and tired of his barber giving totally different haircuts than what he was asking for, and he convinced me to do it for him. Since then I've become the whole family's hair stylist, including for myself, which is a pretty good explanation why my … Read more

Plants, wonderful plants!

Macchia, our poor cat stuck in the house since we moved into this apartment without a yard or garden, is super happy to once again have a little fresh cat grass. As soon as I took it out, she can running to munch on it. I love plants though I must admit that I'm not particularly expert. I hardly ever know what their names are nor the specific … Read more

Gifts without spending: Doll mermaid costumes

I have decided to buy as few things as possible. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of consumerism, not to mention all that packaging that gets thrown out. For Epiphany (celebrated in all self-respecting Catholic societies) I made paper stockings which Sofia decorated and filled them with homemade cookies. Southern Italian kids don't get stockings … Read more

How to sew a Clifford hat – easy beginner project!

Grab some fleece and sew a Clifford hat complete with floppy ears, eyes and nose for your favorite child. She'll love pretending to be a Big Red Dog!

I used to love Clifford the Big Red Dog when I was little, but nothing else comes close to Sofia's passion for the miniscule runt of a litter of puppies which grew to the size of a house, thanks to his owner's love. He was born in the 60s in the books by Normal Bridwell and in 2000 also became a PBS cartoon series. I don't know any American kid who … Read more


I've always loved crafts and bit by bit have added more crafty things to my repertoire. People don't always get the chace to see my work, though, which is why I've decided to start a blog to share my journey through the stuff I do. It's a terrible shame that crafts and do-it-yourself is not at all widespread here in Italy, which is why I've decided … Read more

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