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Kitties on potties: CitiKitty review

Today we finally started organizing our "box," our storage area on the ground floor of our building, where we'd dumped so much stuff that we couldn't even walk in it anymore. And we found lots of fun stuff we'd forgotten about. Such as the tray I used when I tried to potty train my cat. Yeah, like in "Meet the Parents." Like this nice kitty in the … Read more

Limoncello liquor and lemon ginger marmalade

The other day my in-laws came home with a big bag full of these huge lemons, freshly picked from some friend's garden. And obviously they offered me as many as I wanted. So what do you do with kilos of lemons? Why, make limoncello, of course! First you need to wash about 10 lemons (fewer if they're big ones) very well with a vegetable brush and … Read more

Vanilla ice cream and extract

Mmmm, vanilla! It's funny that a lot of people have no idea what a vanilla bean even is (including yours truly, I admit, up until not too long ago), forget about how to use it. Then a dear friend of ours from Bologna who loves good cooking came to visit. He wanted to make his homemade vanilla ice cream and was aghast to hear that it's nearly … Read more

Eco-washing: a review of Ecoballs and Magnoball

Let's talk about washing detergent. I'm always excited to find any sort of ecological alternative. I use hardly any disposable products and our cabinets and drawers are full of lovely washable cloth stuff: napkins, hankies, menstrual pads, diapers, wipes, shopping bags, etc. No matter how happy I am to be throwing out (and buying) so much less … Read more

All about washable and reusable cloth menstrual pads

For information on where to find cucicucicoo products, look here or take a look in my online shop. When I talk to people about my cloth pads, they're generally shocked. Pads...that you wash?! Of course! Disposable pads are a pretty recent invention. In the past women have always used different types of cloths...and were so much better off! Maybe … Read more

All about washable and reusable wet bags

What is a wet bag? A wet bag is a washable waterproof pouch in which you can put wet or dirty clothes or objects, such as diapers, wipes, and menstrual pads, but also dirty clothes, bathing suits, and travel toiletries. It works just like a simple plastic bag, but is much nicer to look at. You can wash and reuse it, keep all sorts of things inside … Read more

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