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Free Pattern! Sew girl underwear from a t shirt

Free pattern and tutorial for sewing girl's underwear from a T-shirt! www.cucicucicoo.com

  **Update October 15, 2016** Given the popularity of this tutorial, I digitized this pattern and made a few simple changes to the post. I've seen a lot of blogs and websites write recently about making underwear out of old t-shirts. I thought it was a great idea and downloaded a few patterns, but I changed them so much that I'm sharing my own … Read more

Potty seat bag

My daughter has just started using the potty regularly, a huge relief because we'll be taking a trip abroad this summer for more than 6 weeks and I really wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of bringing our cloth diapers with us and having to find a laundromat every 3 days. Nor of buying disposables. Anyway, every time we go out we bring the … Read more


I had some things I wanted to spice up a tiny bit so I decided to add some patches. Here we have a nice Hello Kitty (my daughter's most recent passion) and a dinosaur. Nothing special. Then I saw this post on how to make your own fabric patches/appliques and I decided to try it. I still haven't made any of my own shapes, as in the other post, … Read more

What to do with broken flip flops? DIY stamps!

I HATE it when my flip flops break. Especially when they break while you're walking on the boiling hot sand of a beach in the summer. And that's what happened with these ones. The hole for one of the straps ripped open and I couldn't wear them anymore. I hated to throw them away. You can't recycle this foam and plastic. Which got me to … Read more

Three variations of pesto

For me the summer is pesto time. I recent saw a facebook friend's status about sundried tomato pesto and obviously I had to ask her how she made it. She told me to toss basil, pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, olive oil and salt in the food processer. But that she sometimes makes it with parsley, walnuts and olives. Seeing as my poor basil plants are … Read more

Homemade mint syrup

So I've already written about the wonderful elderflower syrup I made a few weeks back, which you dilute for a lovely summer drink. And I thought, there MUST be some way to make homemade mint syrup, like the ones you find in every Italian supermarket when it starts getting summery. I have a wonderful mint plant on my balcony that supplies me with … Read more

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