DIY Tutorial: Crochet carry bags for kids from upcycled fruit nets. A quick gift in under an hour, perfect for collecting treasures at the beach or in the woods!

Tutorial: Crochet Carry Bags from Fruit Nets

It all started with this. My son found some fruit nets in my collection of recycling-for-crafting and decided to use one to hang up his toys. Total genius right? And so, I came up with these: Oh yes! I took those fruit and onion nets and crocheted around their edges, creating a comfy shoulder strap […]

Ball & Chain: a crochet necklace pattern by

Ball & Chain: a free crochet necklace pattern

Last fall I posted this picture on Instagram. What was it? My very first crochet pattern, which I’m now ready to share with you! Here it is: the Ball & Chain crochet necklace pattern! (Suggested musical accompaniment: They Might Be Giants’ song “Lucky Ball and Chain”) I’m a beginner crocheter and knitter, so it’s a […]


How to make yarn from old t-shirts

last week i started a new project with this lovely homemade “yarn”. and what did i make it out of? old t-shirts! there are tons of ways to upcycle t-shirts that you don’t use anymore, but this is a great way to use up all those stained, shrunken, discolored, ridiculously worn out or otherwise hideous […]