How to make a 30 second infinity scarf and headband!

I am a total infinity scarf junkie. I am also a junkie of upcycling old T-shirts. And, even if I know perfectly well how to sew, I also love super quick projects that require no sewing. Last year I published a great tutorial on making infinity scarves from T-shirts by sewing together strips of the […]

Refashion Tutorial: Make a T-shirt Infinity Scarf

Some people are obsessed with clothes and have overflowing closets. Other people obsessively buy shoes and have dozens and dozens of them. I, myself, have a thing for neckwear. Except for the hottest, most humid summer months, when I can’t bear to have anything on my skin, I love the feeling of having something around […]

Easy no-sew T-shirt bracelets tutorial

In the years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve collaborated with lots of other blogs and websites. And today I’m so pleased to announce that I’m starting a new collaboration with the Italian handmade learning website Make It Land! I will contribute an eco-friendly refashioning tutorial every month for my special column of sorts […]

Tutorial: DIY scrap fabric butterfly (free pattern)

Spring is here! My favorite season of all, the advent of Spring makes me so happy. I love blooming trees, the scent of flowers and cut grass, the birds singing outside my windows, the warm sun…. So today I’m proposing a stash-busting and scrap-busting project for spring: fabric butterflies! I’m not the only fan of […]

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf in one or two fabrics

I get sort of obsessive every so often with certain projects of mine, and just can’t stop making them. And this is definitely one of those situations, because ever since May 30, 2015, when I made three springtime infinity scarves from refashioned clothes as part of my Me-Made-May challenge, I haven’t been able to stop […]

Ball & Chain: a free crochet necklace pattern

Last fall I posted this picture on Instagram. What was it? My very first crochet pattern, which I’m now ready to share with you! Here it is: the Ball & Chain crochet necklace pattern! (Suggested musical accompaniment: They Might Be Giants’ song “Lucky Ball and Chain”) I’m a beginner crocheter and knitter, so it’s a […]

Tutorial: How to refashion a short scarf into a shrug

Are you an expert refashioner or just starting to get interesting in it? If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts about refashioning, how I got started and some of my past messups, take a look at my interview as part of the Greeny Crafter series at Green Issues by Agy! A year or so ago […]

How to make a hat and scarf set from a hooded towel

Kids just love hooded towels, especially when they’re shaped like some fun animal or creature. So my mother thought that a couple of adorable hooded towels would make a great gift for my kids. But I had a little surprise when I opened up the package. They were 100% polyester. Ummm, what?! I know that […]

Tutorial: Super easy no-sew t shirt sleeve necklace

Now that Christmas is over and I’m done (for now) with my ecological gift wrapping guide, let’s get back to regular refashioning business with a super quick project. I’d actually planned on publishing this tutorial as a last-minute gift idea, except I was perhaps a bit too last minute and didn’t quite make it in […]

Super quick DIY zipper earrings + two freebies!

Last year, when my little girl was getting ready to start 1st grade, I realized that her pen/pencil/marker case from kindergarten just was too massacred to use again. I couldn’t throw it away, though, with those three cheerful bright red zippers. I removed them carefully–  well, carefully after I accidentally ruined the first zipper—and ended […]

Shorten those necklace chains!

Almost a year ago, I received these fantastic pendants as part of a wonderful swap. The chains I had to wear them on, though, were just too long. They’re nice sterling silver chains that I took from some horribly ugly pendants that my mother-in-law passed down to me, but I generally find it hard to […]

Mala and T-shirt Necklace

  I’d had these wooden beads in a glass jar for nearly 10 years. I’d saved them from… are you ready?… a pair of flip-flops. Yes, that rubber part that keeps them on your feet? They were covered in these beads. They were cute, but ridiculously uncomfortable and therefore unwearable. Just recently it occurred to […]

I’m on Mammabook

  Have you seen Mammabook’s collection of guest posts this year? The theme is “Creative Recycling for Children” so you can immagine how many cool ideas there are and how happy I was to be able to participate as well! Silvia asked me if I could by any chance write something about clothing, so go […]

scarf shawl

i fell in love when i saw this scarf cardigan. amazing!! and i also had a couple of pashmina-type scarves that i didn’t use anymore and wanted to use them to recreate it. except there’s no tutorial (i even wrote to the author, but she preferred not to share it because she might end up […]

criss cross scarf

a few years back i received this scarf from alessia as part of a swap. i really liked the color, the yarn and how it’s worked, but i couldn’t figure out how to wear it properly. perhaps it’s supposed to be worn like this, but i prefer scarves that can be pulled tight against my […]

Orange peel necklaces

aren’t these necklaces pretty? no, i didn’t make them. i saw them at a market in april 2011. i don’t remember what latin american country they came from, but they’re made from seeds, acorns and little cirlces of orange peel. i really love natural jewelry, such as my melon seed necklaces and tagua jewelry that […]

Wristwarmers from socks

i’ve already written about my sock dilemma and why i have a bunch of them to use in some way or another. i’d already done two projects using socks: the monster toy and the pot. i also had these socks, a bit used and longer than the others. but still the same poliester that i […]

How to sew a Clifford hat – easy beginner project!

I used to love Clifford the Big Red Dog when I was little, but nothing else comes close to Sofia’s passion for the miniscule runt of a litter of puppies which grew to the size of a house, thanks to his owner’s love. He was born in the 60s in the books by Normal Bridwell […]

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