New pattern! Field of Flowers costume for kids & adults

I’m super excited to announce that my first costume pattern is ready for the world! Come meet the Field of Flowers costume for both kids AND adults! Back in 2008, when my daughter was two years old, my husband had the idea to dress her up for Carnival as a bunch of flowers or some […]

Free Pattern! Valentine’s Day bag tutorial

The day that some people absolutely love and others absolutely despise is coming up. Yep. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day! I’ve always fallen into the second category because I am ideologically against the consumerism of this day and I don’t like the idea of being told when I need to celebrate my love for the […]

Gigantic Stuffed Dinosaur Pattern – Pintastic!

Last week I unveiled my latest project, “Pintastic!” In this series I test out cool-looking tutorials found on Pinterest and give a Pass or Fail verdict. The first project that I just had to try out was this fantastic, yet simple, huge dinosaur softie pattern by We Lived Happily Ever After, which I saved on […]

10 Reasons to make your own costume

The one question that I get asked in every interview I’ve ever had is what or who my creative inspirations are. I usually give a different answer every time because I am inspired by so many people, places and things. But my first creatively inspirational input was without question my mother. (Hi, Mom!) As a […]

Free Pattern! Pencil-shaped pencil case tutorial

Well, it’s fall again. Back to school. Back to work. Back to the gazillion activities each family member has. To celebrate this exciting time of year of beginnings, I’ve decided to offer my readers another FREE sewing pattern! Hooray! And even better, it’s part of my Learn to Machine Sew series, as the practice tutorial […]

Perfectly Imperfect: a fabric doll pattern review

Finally I’m ready to show off my Perfectly Imperfect cloth dolls. I’d been working on these dolls and posting in-progress pictures on Instagram for months. My original plan was to make a bunch for Christmas presents and the kids’ various charity Christmas markets and giveaways. My original plan failed and I only managed to get […]

Glove animal tutorial: Upcycled Glovosaurs

Today I’m so happy to back with my Cucicucicoo’s Eco Crafters and Sewing series with the one and only Allison from Sweater Doll! Allison is a US expat, like me, living in Australia and creates the best fabric dolls and softies ever. Seriously, next time you’re considering buying a Barbie or other doll, check out […]

Practice tutorial: How to sew a zippered pouch

A few days ago I published the latest lesson for the Learn to Machine Sew series on how to sew a simple exposed zipper. A lot of people are afraid of sewing zippers, but they’re actually really easy to insert once you know how to do it properly! Nobody likes to waste a zipper, so […]

DIY felt bowtie pasta tutorial…WITH BOX!

A couple of months ago, I wrote on my Facebook page that I was working on a project that just made me laugh… over and over again, the whole time I was making it. I’m certainly not the first person to make felt bowtie pasta (farfalle, in Italian), but throw in an authentic-looking pasta box, […]

Three DIY street toys for kids who love cars!

Both of my kids love playing with cars, but my little guy in particular goes nuts with his toy cars. Seriously, there is really something in some boys’ DNA that draws them to cars because I am sure that none of us has conditioned him to this preference. It was Nicky’s birthday last week, a […]

Finger Pocket Fish: a toy fish pattern review

As much as I love sewing, I really don’t have a ton of experience sewing softie toys, otherwise known as stuffed animals. I sewed a little boy doll a few years back as a remembrance to a miscarried baby and some soft bones for my kids’ toys, but not much more than that. I’ve also […]

DIY Mesh Drawstring Bags for the beach from old shirts

One thing I love about upcycling and refashioning is the challenge of figuring out what to do with, well… trash. I mean, just look at this horrifyingly ugly mesh shirt I found in a pile of used clothing at a market last year. But that awful thing just lit me up because as soon as […]

Despicable Me costumes: make a DIY Stuart Minion costume

A few days have gone by since Carnival and I’m only now publishing the tutorial for Nicky’s costume going along with this year’s theme of Despicable Me 2: the Minion Stuart. Sofia and I thought that he should be Dave because of his fantasy with the agent Lucy Wilde (Sofia’s costume), but he had his […]

Carnevale 2014: Despicable Me 2 Carnival costumes

Here we are on the day of Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras… and it’s raining. Doh! So now celebrating in the streets with the wonderful festivities planned in many towns in the area for us. Some of the celebrations have a rain date, so hopefully at some point soon we can make up for it. […]

Despicable Me costumes: Lucy Wilde’s scarf and coat

Back to our Carnival costumes! To recap, my kids are dressing up as Despicable Me characters and I’ve already written about the wig and accessories of Agent Lucy Wilde. But the costume is just not complete without her scarf and, even more importantly, her turquoise coat. What do you say? Is there a resemblance? (Ok, […]

Despicable Me costumes: Lucy Wilde’s wig and accessories

Oh yes, my kids just love Despicable Me. (Evidence of this can be seen here, here and here.) And yes, this year my kids are dressing up as Despicable Me characters for Carnival. And yes, I’m making the costumes. Sofia decided to be AVL agent Lucy Wilde. Want to know how to make a fantastic […]

How to make a crinkle taggie baby toy

It’s become a bit of a tradition that when one of my friends has a first baby, I make a couple of these crinkly taggie baby toys. It’s a known fact that babies frequently prefer playing with non-playthings, so you’ll find them having fun with the toy’s packaging instead of the toy or the tag […]

How to make a hat and scarf set from a hooded towel

Kids just love hooded towels, especially when they’re shaped like some fun animal or creature. So my mother thought that a couple of adorable hooded towels would make a great gift for my kids. But I had a little surprise when I opened up the package. They were 100% polyester. Ummm, what?! I know that […]

how to dress a monkey

i’m sure that all mothers who know how to sew get requests every so often for clothes and/or accessories for toys. at least that’s how it is for me. (some examples: dog bones and collars/leashes and mermaid costumes for dolls) a few months ago i was preparing some doll diapers a bit differently from my […]


it all started when i saw these little mice in little beds made from altoids mint tins (the type i used for my travel watercolors) on facebook. i immediately thought, “are you kidding me?! my little girl would go wild for those!” it’s possible to buy the pattern, but i wanted to make them my […]

portable pillow floor beds

we have a bunch of pillows in our living room (including a couple of my 100% upcycled ones) and the kids often play with them. and they often put them on the floor to sit or lie down on. (ha! i just noticed that sofia’s headband is made from the same fabric as the pillow […]

advent countdown: december 1-3

and here we are with the countdown! if you follow me on facebook, you might have already seen the first days of my advent calendar countdown with activities to do with kids. unfortunately i just can’t manage to post here on the blog every day, but i’ll do the best i can! here’s what we […]


ok, so i’m not really against ikea, but sometimes i just can’t stand buying something, no matter how inexpensive it may be, if i can make it myself (like my cat neck pillow). it happened one day about a year ago (yes, i am a bit behind with some posts…) with this little stuffed snake […]

Super easy witch cape

if you’re anything like me, you might’ve procratinated a bit for halloween. my daughter was invited to a halloween party for the first time this year (where we live it’s not really celebrated). she already had a witch hat, but it really needed something more. so i decided to make her a witch cape. it’s […]

A T skirt not for me

i already showed you what sheri from awesomesauce & asshattery sent me for our swap. here’s my part for her. as per request, a skirt made from two t-shirts (similar to these other skirts i’d already made). the first (and decided more interesting) shirt. (don’t mind the one on the left. i put the wrong […]

Catty neck pillow

i’d considered calling this post “anti-ikea” because it is a result of my refusing to buy a cheap object for my little girl just out of pure stubborness. and why? because it was something i could make myself the way i wanted to. and i did make it my way, putting in way more time […]

carnevale 2012

despite the fact that i finished the carnival costumes 2 days early, i am only now managing to post the pictures 2 days after the actual day of carnival! my excuse: a very tiring carnival celebration and a little boy with a bad cold and fever (and teeth that are just waiting to pop out). […]

Sock monster

i really can’t stand polyester. even less on my feet. i was recently ripped off at the market in my town. i wasn’t really convinced that they were 100% cotton socks, but i bought them anyway. how naive. so now i have this nice collection of new socks that i don’t like. (i also have […]

Collars and leashes

and here we have part two of “let’s make tons of stuff for clifford”! (the first part were the bones) this time, again from fabric scraps, we made collars and leashes for clifford the big red dog (who, kind dog that he is, lets the other animals at our home use too). i cut out […]

Stuffed bones for stuffed dogs

and here i am again! i thought that i’d just have to abandon my poor blog, but that just made me so sad, so i decided to do what i can while giving the poor thing some new life. as you can see, not only the fancy new look (which i’m still trying to get […]

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