How to make a 30 second infinity scarf and headband!

I am a total infinity scarf junkie. I am also a junkie of upcycling old T-shirts. And, even if I know perfectly well how to sew, I also love super quick projects that require no sewing. Last year I published a great tutorial on making infinity scarves from T-shirts by sewing together strips of the […]

Refashion Tutorial: Make a T-shirt Infinity Scarf

Some people are obsessed with clothes and have overflowing closets. Other people obsessively buy shoes and have dozens and dozens of them. I, myself, have a thing for neckwear. Except for the hottest, most humid summer months, when I can’t bear to have anything on my skin, I love the feeling of having something around […]

Easy no-sew T-shirt bracelets tutorial

In the years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve collaborated with lots of other blogs and websites. And today I’m so pleased to announce that I’m starting a new collaboration with the Italian handmade learning website Make It Land! I will contribute an eco-friendly refashioning tutorial every month for my special column of sorts […]

Tutorial: DIY scrap fabric butterfly (free pattern)

Spring is here! My favorite season of all, the advent of Spring makes me so happy. I love blooming trees, the scent of flowers and cut grass, the birds singing outside my windows, the warm sun…. So today I’m proposing a stash-busting and scrap-busting project for spring: fabric butterflies! I’m not the only fan of […]

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf in one or two fabrics

I get sort of obsessive every so often with certain projects of mine, and just can’t stop making them. And this is definitely one of those situations, because ever since May 30, 2015, when I made three springtime infinity scarves from refashioned clothes as part of my Me-Made-May challenge, I haven’t been able to stop […]

Hands free asymmetrical bag: a Serger Pepper pattern

I was really excited to be one of the testers of my friend Irene from Serger Pepper‘s latest pattern, the hands-free asymmetrical bag.* I’ve been using this Colombian mochila for nearly five years and it’s starting to fall apart. Plus the wool strap bothers my exposed skin in the summer. I’d been wanting a new […]

Tutorial: How to refashion a short scarf into a shrug

Are you an expert refashioner or just starting to get interesting in it? If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts about refashioning, how I got started and some of my past messups, take a look at my interview as part of the Greeny Crafter series at Green Issues by Agy! A year or so ago […]

How to make a hat and scarf set from a hooded towel

Kids just love hooded towels, especially when they’re shaped like some fun animal or creature. So my mother thought that a couple of adorable hooded towels would make a great gift for my kids. But I had a little surprise when I opened up the package. They were 100% polyester. Ummm, what?! I know that […]

Sewing winter hats from old wool sweaters

A few days ago I mentioned how I donated my first ever knitted hat to a friend who is collecting hats and scarves for a group helping the homeless. I also mentioned that, in order to help more, I decided to sew up a bunch of sweaters. (I’m a pretty novice knitter, so it would’ve […]

I’m on Mammabook

  Have you seen Mammabook’s collection of guest posts this year? The theme is “Creative Recycling for Children” so you can immagine how many cool ideas there are and how happy I was to be able to participate as well! Silvia asked me if I could by any chance write something about clothing, so go […]

scarf shawl

i fell in love when i saw this scarf cardigan. amazing!! and i also had a couple of pashmina-type scarves that i didn’t use anymore and wanted to use them to recreate it. except there’s no tutorial (i even wrote to the author, but she preferred not to share it because she might end up […]

criss cross scarf

a few years back i received this scarf from alessia as part of a swap. i really liked the color, the yarn and how it’s worked, but i couldn’t figure out how to wear it properly. perhaps it’s supposed to be worn like this, but i prefer scarves that can be pulled tight against my […]

Summer clothes in a moment

if you follow me on facebook, you might have seen last week when ashley from make it and love it had the same idea that i did: use your daughter’s too-short leggings and shorten them to make summer leggings. and if you read this blog, you’ll know that i just love recuperating unused clothes and […]

Inner tube into belt

remember that i finally opened up a facebook page for cucicucicoo? to have a bit of fun, i also started a little game in which i publish a photo of one of my recent projects and you have to guess what it is. i started with this photo. only phoebe guessed exactly the material, but […]

From scarf to poncho

you see this scarf? it’s ridiculously wide, not particularly evenly-worked and it has a few holes. know what else? it was my first knitted work 10 years ago. and i love it. being way too big to use as a normal scarf (i still hadn’t realized the difference between using a regular yarn and a […]

And again with the legwarmers

i loved my legwarmers made from an old sweater (idea from this tutorial) so much that i just couldn’t resist making another pair. and i’m afraid that i want to make more, too, they’re so easy to make and so comfy. same procedure. from the old sweater (which i didn’t wear anymore because it’s out […]

Socks on legs

remember these socks? here’s what i made out of the second pair: kid leg warmers. i got the idea from two posts: equazioni’s in italian and make it and love it’s in english. in the second post there is a link to the tutorial that i used in the end, even if the only real […]

Wristwarmers from socks

i’ve already written about my sock dilemma and why i have a bunch of them to use in some way or another. i’d already done two projects using socks: the monster toy and the pot. i also had these socks, a bit used and longer than the others. but still the same poliester that i […]

From bike to bag

finally! you know when you’ve wanted to do a project forever, but you never actually do it? my hubby had been asking me for a messenger bag for ages, but i was never really sure what fabric to use for it. then he realized that what he really needed was one of those smaller versions […]

Clothespin apron

it looks as if spring is just starting here in southern italy…yah! i just love the sun and the arrival of my favorite season makes me feel great. i spent a lot of time this past sunny weekend out on the balcony with my hands covered with potting soil and hanging out lots of laundry. […]

Homemade gifts: rolls, hairbands, bags

So I’m back in Boston and my hometown of Plymouth right now, loving how nicely things work, how civil people are, what varied food there is, how I don’t have to try to get everything done before 1 pm when stores normally close in Naples. But more on all that later. First a crafty post. […]

How to sew a Clifford hat – easy beginner project!

I used to love Clifford the Big Red Dog when I was little, but nothing else comes close to Sofia’s passion for the miniscule runt of a litter of puppies which grew to the size of a house, thanks to his owner’s love. He was born in the 60s in the books by Normal Bridwell […]

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